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Google AdSense ads publishers are most reluctant to encounter the situation is the account is stopped, if your Google AdSense account is blocked? Or are you afraid of Google AdSense account is blocked? See if the following text can help you.

In general, Google AdSense account is blocked from the publisher's point of view a few points:

1, do not understand Google AdSense rules. This is a very incomprehensible reason, but this is a lot of things. Because they do not take the time to look at the rules, so at a low level to understand the Google AdSense billing basis or to make some low-level mistakes, such as yourself or looking for someone or use software to click on ADS (is invalid click), or have more than one account (account Association). It can be said that they have been sealed is a very unfortunate thing, because they are often not subjective awareness of the violation but there is a bad habit: do not understand the rules first. For these people, after they have participated in the discussion often they will recognize their mistakes and further carefully look at the rules, and deeply regret, because they can no longer participate in Google AdSense release.

Comments: Do not understand the rules to play the game is not only impossible to play well, because the violation of rules and the elimination of how normal things.

2, understand and try to use Google AdSense rules. It can be said that most of these are intelligent webmaster and publisher. In any era, people who understand and make the most of the rules are often successful. But it seems like it's not a good place to go to Google. Google's unilateral decision is the most annoying and helpless thing for these people.

Comment: Do not try to hit Google's edge, too much fire will burn.

3, understand and obey the rules but encounter malicious or unintentional "invalid click". Here are two parts: one is malicious click. Malicious clicks generally come from advertisers or publishers of the competition, resulting in this part of the direct reason for the account is often the advertiser's complaints. The funny thing is that Google does not provide any monitoring program for publishers more than it discourages the use of third-party statistical tools, so that publishers can do nothing about these malicious "invalid clicks." The second is unintentional "invalid click". This can not be said that the publisher does not have any responsibility, often because of the unreasonable layout of the page caused by excessive clicks and even the increase of invalid clicks can be avoided. Of course, because Google's explanation of invalid clicks is ambiguous and there are many publishers who have been blocked for no reason. They were unfortunate and became the victims of the rules. As one publisher once said: "It feels like nothing has been done but is being accused of being a thief." Also because of this from the publisher ( of the dragon sued Google "invalid click" case by the vast number of Chinese adsenser strongly support. As one of the publishers said, there is no dignity in playing a game without an explicit rule. Hope to be able to pass the lawsuit of Dragons to let Google learn to respect the publisher.

Comment: Google should understand what is called innocence and what is respect.

When the publisher's account is sealed, the following should be known calmly:
1. Do not attempt to apply for account number again. Both the Google Optimization conference and the Google program policy rules clearly point out that the publisher's violation is blocked and can no longer participate in Google AdSense release. Someone has tried to change the name, address, computer, domain name, but still failed.
2, the site is the most important, quality and flow has, the money comes naturally.
3, you can try Baidu and other advertising alliances.
4, adjust the good mentality, this is just a game, your exit does not mean forever failure.
5, analysis of the reasons, summing up the lessons, involving experience, and constantly strive to be an honest publisher, I believe you will eventually be successful.

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