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I have previously reported that Google will be launched through Google analytics Google AdSense features, today, I login AdSense backstage has seen the invitation to this feature, I set up after the initial trial of it, feeling very good, Strongly recommended for use.

Before using the AdSense account and analytics account number binding, if you use these two functions are two different Google account, in fact, can also be used, as long as in the analytics AdSense account user set as Administrator.

After binding need to set a primary domain name, this domain name does not need to modify the analytics code can be counted, other domain names need to add a section of code to be counted.

Set up after a few hours, in the "Content" menu can see "AdSense" submenu display statistics, which "AdSense" submenu contains Features "Overview", "Popular AdSense Content", "popular AdSense Promotion", "AdSense trend" Four features.

"Popular AdSense content" statistics can show each page to obtain AdSense revenue, number of clicks, display number, click rate and other parameters, is a very useful function, can be used to guide the optimization of AdSense. According to my tests, the current statistics and the "Use of Google" I described earlier Analytics Statistics AdSense Click "is not compatible, if you follow the previous method to do the setup, then the AdSense revenue calculation will be inaccurate, so need to delete the previous code."

"Popular AdSense Referral" is also an extremely important function, can display from the external site search or jump from the user to click on the revenue generated, according to Google's consistent style, this statistic does not contain Google's own domain name, so I see the source of the first is Baidu.

"AdSense Trends" graphically display the daily income chart.

In short, after my initial use, Google Analytics AdSense statistics function to leave a very deep impression, its statistical AdSense function is shocking, AdSense advertising optimization has an important guiding significance, I believe that soon after the full opening of this function, Everyone can appreciate the new Google Analytics this powerful feature.

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