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A, registered Google AdSense

Register to Https:// . If you have previously registered Google AdWords (Google ads-the keyword to the right to pay promotion) then you can use your Google AdWords password login, opened Google AdSense.

Google tips do not support Chinese, register to fill in Pinyin

Need to fill in

The account information you entered is as follows: (XX stands for hidden webmaster information)

Payee: Wang Xiaobo or Xiaobo Wang (this information must not be wrong, once submitted can never be changed.) The surname, the name order may according to the Chinese custom, also may according to the English habit reverse.
Address: Room 102, Building 3
Address (continuation): Hua Xi cun 2#
City: Nanjing
State, Province, or region: Jiangsu
Post code: 210000
Country/region: China
Tel: +86-25-85412654 (Note: Do not add 0 before country code and area codes)
Products : AdSense for Content (AdSense) and AdSense for search (AdSense for searching)
Website language: Chinese (Simplified)

Please confirm that all the information is correct before proceeding.
The payer's name or country/region name cannot be changed after this.

Second, waiting for a letter from Google

After two days, Google wrote the following:

Title: Welcome to _google_adsense
Congratulations to you!

Your Google AdSense application has been approved. Now you can enable your account, and in a few minutes you will start putting Google ads on your site and providing AdSense for search

Step 1th: Enable the account.
Please visit Https:// then use the email address and password submitted in the application to login to your account and choose to agree to the AdSense terms.

2nd step: Paste the AdSense code to your Web page.
Just follow the instructions in the Ad Layout code page and the Search code page to copy and paste Google code into your site. In a few minutes you'll start putting Google ads on your site and mentioning
For search AdSense.

Step 3rd: View the results.
Once the ad has been launched, you can view the revenue situation at any time through the online reports in your account. Please note that if your site contains any of the following, you may not be able to get the maximum collection from AdSense
* robots.txt
* Framework
* Form and dynamic content
* Too many images
* Require login and enter password

For more technical guidance and advice on optimizing your site for this program, please visit:

Important points to note:
* If Google has not crawled your site, it may take several hours to see targeted advertising.
You may see a public service advertisement during this period (these ads will not bring you any revenue).

* If your page has not been listed in Google search, Google will not be able to return sitesearch results. Please note that adding SiteSearch to any Web page does not allow this page to enter the waiting crawl queue for our bots. If you want to manually add your site's main URL to our crawl index, you can pass the
Carry out this *. Submitting your site In this way does not guarantee that the site will be added to the Google index.

* Site Publishers or third parties recruited by the publisher may not be fraudulent by way of artificial or through bots
Click (malicious click). Clicking on the ads on your website violates this policy, so please do not, for any reason.
Hit the ads. We will monitor all AdSense activities and will deactivate any hair that violates this policy.
Cloth Merchant's account. For more information, please refer to Google AdSense terms, Address:

What's the problem?
Please feel free to contact us and our email address is

Welcome to Google AdSense. We look forward to helping you fully realize the revenue potential of your website.

The Google Team

In order to allow everyone to login convenience, the home page put a Google AdSense login address, you can directly click.

Because Google's Chinese meaning is ambiguous and Google is silent about many details, Dan has been confused for two days. Through a few days of trial and ask friends, finally understand a lot of things.

Google AdSense is divided into AdSense ads and AdSense search. AdSense ads is to put Google's advertising bar, AdSense search is to provide personalized color of Google search, the above sometimes appear ad bar. In other words, only click on the advertising bar to make money, otherwise show more is futile!

Enter the "Advertising Settings" section. You can set the "Ad color" and other details, and finally generate a piece of code, such as

<script type= "Text/javascript" ><!--
Google_ad_client = "ID";
Google_ad_width = 468;
Google_ad_height = 60;
Google_ad_format = "468x60_as";
Google_ad_channel = "";
--></script> .....

Then you can paste it into your Web page.

In the Search Settings section, you can get a piece of code after you set it up.

<!--Search Google-->
<!--Search Google-->

Again, paste it.

Uploading web pages

Upload, and can not immediately display ads, and some may take some time before the line. Some show no income of the public service ads! According to Google's process, this is true:

Web page to execute JavaScript program, Google Server to catch the current page, and then Google Server Analysis of the content of the page, on your Web page to display the relevant ads. It seems that Google AdSense is really smart.

Query revenue

Google AdSense is updated every 4 hours click record. Plus the US time is 12 hours later than China, so don't be confused when querying. The day before yesterday there were 3 clicks, the top two earned 0.44 dollars, and the 3rd click of a foreign ad actually had 6 dollars! However, yesterday looked at the statistics, unexpectedly turned into a 0.04 dollars per click. Do not know what Google's floating algorithm is, Google for AdSense a lot of things are confidential.

Google AdSense Payment

Google will send you a check when your advertisement is full of 100 dollars. Bring your cheque and ID card. Also bring some money (100 yuan is enough), go to the Bank of China (as if only BOC can do collection) for the collection of light tickets (this is not the kind of card can go to the bank to withdraw money, so called "Light Ticket").

First of all, the check on the back of the designated location requires your signature, and the signature should be the same as the positive payee (don't worry, the bank staff will tell you ~ ~);

Second, you need to pay a certain fee to the bank and check the mailing fee (cheque to be sent to foreign banks), the fees charged varies according to local circumstances. Mailing fee is generally 10--12 yuan yuan, the processing fee is generally 0.1% of the check amount (less than 10 yuan to pay 10 yuan);

Once again, leave your contact number, collect the receipt, about 1 months (exactly 45 days), and the Bank will notify you of the payment.

Well, it's really too long, roughly starting with your ad, and it takes about 4 months to get the first payment.

Finally, take your receipt and ID card and go to the foreign currency counter, then you can see your dollar! (Note: If the U.S. dollar deposit to the bank, than the U.S. dollar out, and then save the interest rate to be higher ~ ~)

Note: Some of the company's checks are valid, so as soon as possible to handle the collection procedures! For example, the label "VOID after the next day" means that the cheque is valid within 90 days.

Vii. questions

Does Q:google agree to put the code on multiple sites?
A: Although the application filled out a URL, but Google gave you a piece of code, which has your ID number, so you can put on multiple sites.

Q: How to avoid goolge of public service ads?
A: Public-interest advertising is unavoidable, Google allows you to display a public service ads should be replaced by your own ads, the specific view of the replacement parameters

Q: What if you don't get a check at the time? Will it be lost?
A: If you see the payment, two months to March did not receive, you can write an e-mail here to , you can use Chinese, you only need to tell him your check payment information on the line. They will reply in Chinese to you to check the original check, and then send you a new check, with a new English address.

Q: Why I have very little income
A: If your visit does not reach 5.1 million IP,PV a day 150,000 or more, I reckon you can hardly receive a check in one months (i.e. no more than 100 dollars). Also depends on your member's support to you. Of course, individual people point too much, it will not be effective. Maybe it will be deducted.

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