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Thank you for choosing this book! If you want to quickly increase your website's Adsense revenue or find a way to make money on the Internet for a long term, congratulations! Because I have a lot of ways to quickly increase the income of Adsense to share with you immediately, and I am very willing to help more friends join the ranks of website operations to earn advertising revenue.

Read this book to fulfill your dreams

There are too many benefits for website operation to get advertising revenue: No need to go out and run the business, no need for high capital investment, controllable scale, flexible time, and free location, even when you go to bed at night or go out on vacation, AdSense is still helping you make money every minute or second.

Have you noticed the background pattern on the back cover? That is the actual situation of logging on to the background with my Google Adsense account. Although some detailed data is removed due to the limitations of AdSense, we can also clearly see the daily income in a month, and monthly summary data.

On the Internet, I often see people complain that their AdSense income is too low, or I doubt whether they can make money through AdSense. I tell you through my own experiences, you can earn a lot of money by making AdSense ads on the operating website. If you do well, you may be able to purchase a car, provide a house, travel, and other expenses. If you want, you can also quit your favorite job to create a free Soho, or use Adsense to earn more money by opening a studio or running a company. Earning more than $100 a day and obtaining financial freedom is not a dream!

Gains from different types of readers

Adsense advertising publishers who already have websites

The author who needs this book most is the publisher who has adopted AdSense. Whether it is the webmaster who has just applied for and has not yet received an advertising fee, I have also worked as a webmaster for many years and has earned a lot of money, and I believe that after reading this book in detail, I can get a lot of results. If you have not optimized ADS and websites for AdSense, your website revenue will grow dramatically after using some of the skills in this book, so this book is the most helpful for AdSense publishers.

The number of webmasters who have joined AdSense is as high as 100,000 in China. Among them, the AdSense revenue of many publishers is not enough for the cost of website operation, or the minimum payment standard of 100 USD can be reached after several months, some publishers are warned or their accounts are "K" (disabled) because they do not pay attention to the AdSense plan policy ). I think they should purchase books to learn from others' existing experiences and lessons, and truly turn AdSense into an important source of income.

Although I have been an important publisher of Google Adsense team and have rich experience, I will learn from any other information such as on-site exchanges and online training materials, each time, you can gain some benefits, and then constantly optimize the advertisement and improve the website. The background revenue of the Account will also increase. Therefore, even if the revenue is much higher than that of my AdSense publishers, it is also necessary to purchase a book and read it carefully. I believe there will be gains, as the original revenue base is large, after the website is improved, the input-output ratio is too high compared with the purchase cost of dozens of Yuan!

TIPS: learning more from others' experiences and implementing them properly on your website will certainly greatly increase your AdSense income!

Existing website, website operator not added to AdSense

The second is the webmaster who has made a website that has not used AdSense advertisements. After reading this book, they will fully understand the situation of AdSense, from myself and other instances, we can understand that AdSense can actually bring about revenue. We can apply for AdSense from the beginning according to the introduction of this book, and follow the instructions of this book step by step to get the income that we didn't have in the past.

This part of webmasters should have more than one million people in China. Many of them are websites made by interest, or they do not know how to obtain the website if they want to earn income. If they buy a book, according to these methods, the idea and economy will benefit a lot, and the website will also be able to develop for a long time.

I used my spare time to create a long-distance telephone area code query website. In about 6 years, I did not get any economic returns, once we start to join AdSense, we can immediately see that the previously accumulated website traffic is becoming dollars every moment, so as to invest more power and more resources to make the website more perfect, provide more and better services for netizens. At the same time, we can see that the AdSense revenue is continuously increasing, forming a virtuous circle.

Even if your website has ad revenue or other value-added services other than AdSense, it does not prevent you from joining AdSense for a trial. You may find a vault that was previously ignored.

TIPS: the development of websites is closely related to capital investment. An additional revenue from AdSense may bring the website into a new fast development Lane.

Friends who do not have a website and want to make money online

In addition to the above two types of webmasters, the larger potential readers of this book are young people who have not yet done a website but want to learn about making money on the Internet and starting their own businesses. This book will tell them through an influential example, through formal website and AdSense advertising, it is entirely possible to purchase a car, buy a house, and reap the first barrel of gold. This is undoubtedly a great temptation for young Internet users!

Many of my friends used to chat, play games, browse information, and pass the time on the Internet. They spent money or did nothing on the Internet all day. This situation can be described as a buzzword on the Internet: "Brother is not on the network, is lonely ".

You can use the skills taught in this book to earn a lot of money through your own efforts. The prospect of "earning $100 a day" is definitely worth trying. Websites do not require social relationships or work experience, and the technical threshold is also very low. Students of all kinds of majors can join the website. In a micro perspective, individuals and families benefit from the website. In a macro perspective, solve employment problems for the country.

I have also seen many "Internet wealth information" and "quick money tips" on the Internet, which sounds tempting, however, after reading it, I found that many professors have tried QQ chat rooms to attract traffic, use fake and tempting content to cheat traffic, Use pyramid schemes like pyramid schemes to pull traffic, perform "leeching", and open "private servers ". ", click ads, etc, I feel that these are too bad or even evil, and it is difficult to become the foundation for long-term development. They cannot last and expand the scale. The AdSense I mentioned in this book is a fully formal and legal channel for making money. Under the guidance of this book, readers can use their own efforts to open up sources of long-term income.

TIPS: there are many ways to make money on the Internet, but it depends on whether it is legal and whether it can be sustained, adsense can make money while keeping don't be edevil.

The above three types of people are the main readers of this book, and there are other readers, such as online advertising researchers, e-commerce students, online marketing practitioners, and website construction insiders, as well as students, white-collar office staff, and enterprise management personnel who want to know the relevant knowledge, it should be said that the reader group is quite extensive.

Sincere thanks

I would like to express my sincere thanks for the strong support of all parties in this book.

Thanks to the editors of the Electronic Industry Publishing House, such as Zhang Yanhong, Wang Jing, and Li Ling, for their great help in planning and reporting, writing guidance, and reviewing the school draft.

I would like to thank my colleagues at Jingjie, Wang jiali, Li Hongyan, Wang Dan, Cai Huan, Lu Yongjiang, Lu Ping, and others for their great cooperation. We have been working together to create and operate websites for a long time and constantly analyze website traffic and revenue, continuously improve the work and accumulate rich materials for writing this book. Mingxin, Li Xiaoming, Gan wenliang, Gu Qingsheng, Han Jun and others have made fruitful work in Server SETUP optimization and data center operation and maintenance. Xiao Xiaowen, Shi, Liu Yi, Leng linyong, Dai Ke, Lu Chun, and others developed a large number of programs for early websites.

Thanks to he Meng, Li Da, Xu Qiang, Chen xuetao, Chen yiguang, Wang Guiping, Luo Jing, Ke xiaofang, Deng Xiao, Gan Ning, Yang Jiaming, ban Shilin, Guo Cheng, and Zhu Rui long-term attention and support from Zhang Wentao, Zhao hongliang, and others, I have benefited a lot from communication with you.

I would like to thank the technical experts Xu zhiheng and Qian Hongwu for their great help when they encounter technical difficulties. When encountering various difficulties, such as network, server, PHP, MySQL, cache, and Server Load balancer, you are a strong backing and timely rain.

Thanks to Xie zhixiong, Zhang Liang, Chen Wei, Huang Zhong, Zhu yunkui, and other friends who provide the network environment of the data center. Thank you for your great help.

Thanks to Zhao Xuyi, Gao Jun, Liu Jun, and Jiang Yiting from the AdSense team of Google, your work attitude and ability represent the consistent high standards of Google. Publishers will always support you.

In addition, Li jiangge, Ming Xin, Xin Sally, and GaN huijuan participated in the compilation of chapter 1 of this book; Wang jiali, Li Hongyan, Wang Dan, and CAI Huan participated in the compilation of Chapter 2; xiao Wen, Wu fan, Yang Li, and Wang Kun participated in the compilation of Chapter 2; Wu Yu and Hu Rongxin participated in the compilation of Chapter 2.

I would like to thank my family for their understanding and tolerance in my computer and similar "Internet addiction" Life. I love you, my wife, Yi hanli, my son, and friends!



Title: Google Adsense practices: making money on Google ads

Author: Jin song

ISBN 978-7-121-11048-1

Publication date: 2010January 1, June

Pricing: 49.00 RMB

Start: 16Open

Page number: 308Page


It is essential to start a business on the Internet. The author has personally taught you:

Short-term: rapid improvement in revenue

Long-term: Regular earning and Sustainable Development


I have prepared this book with my own experiences, covering all the steps from getting started to mastering AdSense, these include "building high-quality websites", "joining Google ads", "optimization setting skills", "application Auxiliary Tools", "expanding other income sources", "collecting and paying attention to hot spots", and "related "resource list. This includes detailed steps to help beginners, tips to help webmasters increase their incomes several times, and measures and suggestions to ensure stable and profitable websites. This book is characterized by a large number of practical experience and case studies, rather than a simple AdSense operation manual, user guide, the author will be more than four years of AdSense experience into the book, in the short term, reading this book can help readers increase their incomes and quickly take effect. In the long term, it can help readers make money and develop in the long term.

This book is suitable for publishers who have already joined AdSense, who are worried about low website income, webmasters who want to increase advertising revenue without AdSense, and friends who want to join the Internet industry to make money and start their own business.

Book Purchase address: China Interactive publishing network

Book details:

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