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I believe many of my friends are doing adsense, so it is necessary to learn more about rules and experience. I have been familiar with old experiences. Today I have seen some good experience tips.

Basic prompt

Comply with Google Adsense terms and agreements. This is Google's game. follow their rules and ask Google if you have any questions.

  1. High Access traffic is the most important, and SEO can be performed as appropriate
  2. The content is king and your website is updated frequently.
  3. Provide value to your visitors.
  4. Use some tips to double your income.
  5. Continuous testing.
  6. Do not hug Adsense and try other ad publishing networks. Do not place content-related ads together .)
  7. Keep learning.
  8. Never give up.

Extension prompt
Note: A few entries are repeated and do not re-orchestrate to follow the original article.

  1. AdSense revenue = number of ad impressions x click rate x Unit Price x Smart Price)
  2. The number of ad impressions is based on your website traffic. This parameter indicates the number of Adsense ad impressions. Nonsense -. -!)
  3. Click-through rate is the number of clicks on an advertisement. The basic range is 0.1%-30%. Most of the clicks are 1%-10% (Chinese ads are low, and the average click-through rate in mainland China is about 0.2% ).
  4. Click is the revenue of each click, which is determined by the unit price paid by the advertisers.
  5. The smart pricing mechanism is the system that Google uses to measure the advertising value of your website. If a user clicks an advertisement on your website and converts it to a lower proportion of the user you buy, you can only earn a lower income.
  6. Using to apply for an Adsense project allows faster account approval.
  7. Do not click ads on your website, or ask your friends to click, including using proxy servers. Google checks the server proxy service in real time and has a large number of proxy server addresses)
  8. Do not use the auto-click program.
  9. Do not require visitors to click ads. Adsense advertisements can only contain "sponsor links" or "ads. You can place positive ad texts .)
  10. Do not place webpage content matching advertisements on the webpage where Adsense is placed, such as Yahoo Publisher Network and Baidu topic promotion. You can place advertisements that are not automatically related to the page.
  11. Do not place advertisements on adult websites, websites that violate laws or have copyright issues (such as MP3 downloads.
  12. Accessing your website will not block your account, but do not click any advertisement.
  13. Refreshing your web page may cause your account to be blocked. This will affect the number of impressions and click-through rate)
  14. Do not cheat Google Adsense. Google has more experience than you.
  15. If you have any questions about the terms, contact Google and they will reply to you soon.
  16. Do not place too many advertisements on the same page.
  17. You can use to find high-priced keywords, but note that there will be many competitors.
  18. You can use Overture's keyword analysis tool to find suitable keywords .)
  19. Consider adding Google AdWords and advertising a small amount of ads, which will help you understand the operational mechanism of Adsense.
  20. Place your target keywords in the webpage title. Better display of webpage file names and directories .)
  21. Repeat your keywords in the body. (Note: Do not exceed 5%, preferably 3%)
  22. Learn HTML.
  23. Use bold labels such as <B> and <strong> on keywords.
  24. The domain name should contain the target keyword whenever possible.
  25. Submit your site to a well-known web directory system, such as and Yahoo directory.
  26. Submit your site to various search engines.
  27. Use Google Sitemap.
  28. Do not optimize webpages only for Google, but there are many search engines.
  29. Soft AD (GUN draft) is the best SEO method. The author's information contains your webpage links and then contributes to a well-known website.
  30. Do not use malicious means to leave users, such as spyware or browser hijacking, which can block your account.
  31. New visitors are more likely to click ads than those who often browse your website.
  32. People who frequently browse your website will be more likely to recommend your website to others.
  33. Most new visitors come from search engines and do a good job in SEO ).
  34. Do not create an image site, that is, a website with the same URL and content.
  35. It is easier to create multiple click unit price websites than several high click unit price websites.
  36. Forums usually show a large number of times and have a low click rate.
  37. Click rate is not the most important. If the conversion rate is too low (Click Users are converted to advertisers), the unit price of the ADS will not be high.
  38. Follow the good web design to avoid regular errors.
  39. Optimize the website navigation design, which will help extend the user's stay time on the website.
  40. Use Google Analytics to collect access information, which helps SEO.
  41. Different forums have different ad hotspots, usually the left-side control panel, the bottom of the first post and the front of the footer.
  42. Forums are interconnected, and pay attention to hot issues.
  43. Try a 300 × 250,336 × 280,160 × 600 high-click rate advertisement format.
  44. Use the main color of the webpage to edit the color palette to bring together advertisements and content.
  45. Let the text focus on the advertisement unit.
  46. Adding images close to advertisements helps increase the click rate.
  47. Use advertising channels to track advertising units of different positions and colors.
  48. Select both text ads and image ads.
  49. Translation: Cloudream. Reprinted. Please keep this information.
  50. Adsense includes CPM ads, which are automatically displayed. Typically, advertisers are required to specify a website for presentation. CPM: charges are collected for each thousand presentations .)
  51. Both image ads and text ads can have CPM ads.
  52. Ad link units can be placed at the bottom of the page.
  53. Try placing the Adsense For Search box at the bottom.
  54. To improve the quality of content, Adsense is not an overnight success project.
  55. Remove links to low-quality websites.
  56. Search for "AdSense Tips" in Google and many webmasters will share their experiences with you.
  57. Here is the Adsense recommendation on the Blog.
  58. Follow Inside AdSense (Google Adsense blog ). Chinese users can subscribe through this Feed:
  59. You can get more experience and Help from AdSense Help Group.
  60. If you want to survive with Adsense, purchase AdSense Secrets. (Note: careful reference.)
  61. Place fewer advertising units, find the unit with the highest unit price on the page through channels, and remove other advertising units.
  62. Keep experimenting with new ad formats.
  63. Unless your website is large enough, remove the "advertise on this website" link, which can avoid many MFA websites (Made For Adsense, a website created For Adsense ). You can disable it in account settings.
  64. Ad display is based on the geographical location of visitors. Try Adsense ad preview tool.
  65. Use the "competitive ad filter" to remove poor website advertisements, including stealing others' website content and providing a large number of useless links.
  66. Use the "competitive ad filter" to remove irrelevant ads.
  67. includes some advertisement URLs that can be filtered out.
  68. Constantly changing the positions, colors, and styles of advertisements makes visitors more unpredictable.
  69. Simple CSS Learning
  70. If multiple advertising units are placed, place the unit with a high unit price in the front of the HTML, you can use CSS to locate the unit.
  71. Use a URL to redirect a dynamic webpage address to a static webpage address. Does not contain? And parameter URL)
  72. Verify the HTML and CSS of the webpage.
  73. How many articles are divided into multiple small articles. A single article is divided into multiple pages, which is not conducive to advertisement matching .)
  74. Each article focuses on one topic.
  75. Pay attention to the statistics system and the articles that bring more visitors.
  76. Publish articles on topics that attract more visitors.
  77. Fewer people familiar with computer networks click ads.
  78. PATIENCE: it takes time to increase traffic.
  79. Make long-term planning, analyze what your visitors need, and increase the value of your website.
  80. Pay attention to the daily income and notify Google in time when data is abnormal. Your competitors may maliciously click your advertisement or your friends will click your advertisement more, he thinks he is helping you.
  81. Use "segment positioning" to improve ad matching.
  82. Use "alternative ad link" to prevent Google from matching your webpage.
  83. Multiple color palette is used to prevent users from forming blind spots on advertisements.
  84. Try Yahoo Publisher Network, Baidu topic promotion, and other projects. But do not place it on the webpage where the Adsense advertising unit is located.
  85. The ads of sales alliances such as Amazon ad alliances can be placed on the page, but it should beNot automatically matchedWebpage content advertisement.
  86. Failing to comply with the terms and agreements will cause your account to be suspended and this individual will never be able to apply for an Adsense project.
  87. If your account is suspended due to your compliance with the terms and agreements, write a letter to Google. Be sure to be polite and don't be discouraged. You can provide your server access logs to prove your innocence as much as possible.
  88. Multiple links to your website, such as email signatures, Forum signatures, and Blog comments.
  89. Submit your article to the online retrieval website, such as digg and del. icio. us.
  90. Provide the "email this article to a friend" link.
  91. Master your Adsense report and determine the future content of your website based on the advertising revenue sources.
  92. Provides website update notifications. For example, a mail list or RSS document .)
  93. You can find most of the information you need in the Adsense help.

Author: Fernando Hal

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