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Google Adsense secret (Chinese version)


Dear reader,

Thank you for purchasing the second version of the extended version "Google never told you: using Adsense to make big money trilogy"!
This book is about the advanced application of Google Adsense, so I assume that the readers of this book have basic knowledge about Adsense in the process of writing.
Don't let this sentence scare you, because this book is indeed very easy to understand.

If you are a beginner in Adsense, you may need to check Adsense Support Pages or online indexing Glossary for help during the reading process.

I try to ensure that the book is compact and focus on how to increase your Adsense revenue. In this book, you will find some very practical solutions, such as attracting target access traffic, enhancing content relevance, and increasing adsense advertising attention. These are all very important and difficult problems for website owners. Many people (including myself) have benefited a lot by using some simple and legal methods granted in the book.

No matter which type of website you operate or what the content of your website is, you will find many useful ways to greatly increase your adsense revenue.

In this book, I will teach you the skills I have used without reservation. These skills have increased my adsense revenue by ten times almost overnight. You can try using these skills.

If you want a Dummies-type big part, use a whole chapter to explain "what is Adsense ?" Or "A Brief History of content-related advertisements ". This booklet may be a little unexpected. The reason why I write this book is that I don't want readers to lose interest in it before they can see something really useful. After all, this is the first time I have made public these proven techniques and methods to improve the click rate of adsense.

Isn't that exactly the purpose of your book purchase?

If so, you will not be disappointed.

Of course, you can find a lot of related knowledge and skills online for free. I do not deny their existence and value. In fact, if you want to start from the basics, there is no better way to guide Google's adsense quickly.

You may want to print it out and carry it with you. If you have any questions, refer to it. Why are you spending money on free content? Just ask Google!

In fact, this book is not useful to beginners at all. In this supplemental version, I added a section at the beginning to guide beginners. If you do not have a website yet, I will teach you how to create one, how to put it online, and how to start using adsense to earn money as soon as possible. If you have all these options and want to know how to earn more, you can skip these chapters and look at the core. Because google adsense is easy to use, the hard thing is how to actually use it to earn money. This is the ultimate goal of this book.

Readers of the first version of this book sent me a lot of emails asking many questions, such as "Where can I find free information ?", "How to optimize webpages for search engines ?", "How can we bring traffic to the website ?" And so on. In this version, we have added chapters on search engine optimization, website traffic, content writing, and ad formats, as well as a large number of new suggestions and techniques. These are what you can use immediately and get results.

I assure you that what this book brings to you is something you cannot obtain elsewhere. The legend of my Adsense is-from the poor 3 dollars/day to the explosive 600 dollars/day-adsense paid me the housing mortgage, paid off the car loan, network costs, and so on, etc, a lot. This has taught me more and more experience and methods to make money using my website.

Every page of this book is filled with little-known adsense tips, tips, tricks, and proven strategies, all of these are from the generous Web site publishers who are willing to share their success experiences with me.

Read and apply these methods. Remember to tell me the result!

You can send me an email at any time. I like to see them "at work "!

In this rapidly changing content-related advertising industry, your unique questions and real results will help the content of subsequent versions of this book Stay real-time and effective. Thank you for your contribution!

Wish you more adsesne revenue

Jol. Kum

Chapter 1 How to Use Google Adsense to make more money

Google only wants a small portion of your website traffic. And they are willing to pay a lot for this small amount of traffic!

For those who complain that they have a high-traffic but low-income website, there is no better and easier way to make a profit from those stingy visitors.

Adsense makes this easier!

You do not need to install complex software, investigate access sources, purchase anything, or even a bank account. So .......

Why isn't everyone making money with adsense? In fact, the key issue is that not everyone knows how to use adsense to earn money.

The money is hidden away from you.

People say "Seeing is believing ". Most website administrators are keen to track website visitors and view the revenue and click rate countless times a day. They like to see what they already have, but often ignore what they still don't have but can get.

Adsense does not allow you to select the content of your ad, it does not tell you the regular expression of the ad, and it does not tell you how much each click is worth. But this is a good thing, because it can save you a lot of trouble. (It does provide some control functions. In this book, I will teach you how to use these resources to better control adsense .)

However, many network administrators still think that once the adsense code is pasted on a webpage, all you can do is wait and wait.

This is not the case! Google provides many functions to control your ads, especially some visualized graph rows and tables. With these resources, you can easily multiply your click rate in a few minutes.

My Adsense experience

I started using adsense since June 2003. At first, I only put a few adsense ads on several webpages.

At the end of the first day, I already had thousands of adsense presentations, bringing the total ..... $3.00 in revenue. I was so angry that I almost burned my house.

Although I didn't see the potential of adsense at that time, it would be no harm if I wanted to put more pages. A few months later, my adsense presentation increased by 25 times, but revenue remained unchanged. It was the lowest time for me as a website advertising publisher. My click rate is too low. It takes thousands of visitors every day to earn $30.

At that time, I thought I could not do this anymore-something had to be changed!

At the end of April 2004-Ten months after I registered adsense-I finally found something that has been ignored for a long time. It was an exciting moment, and I felt like I was suddenly enlightened.

So I immediately started experimenting with my google ads, trying different ad slots and colors to see if my ideas work.

Soon there was a result-and that's amazing!

I only used a few simple methods (which will be introduced later) to increase the click rate by nearly three times and the revenue by 600 usd/day. I still remember the golden day of February-for me, all the bad luck of the past has ended.

I 've moved from an adsense to being a mentor in this field, and now I'm not surprised to have a 5-digit adsense revenue every month. This is a wonderful journey full of learning and experience.

Detail-driven Adsense

Making so much money is an exciting thing. But I have never ignored the details, and the adsense relies heavily on some trivial details.

Every adsense publisher knows that at the end of the day, all things come down to one point: statistics! Your adsense report may not be surprising, but it is important to develop a good habit of carefully studying the report. When you start to read the meaning from these small numbers, the big check will soon come.

The data shown in Figure 1.1 is a classic legend of Internet marketing. This is a screenshot of my recent adsense Statistics page. All the data in the figure is real. You can see my daily income, but some specific data such as CPM and CTR are blocked because I cannot disclose them according to google's terms.

Make a fortune in adsense!

As you can see, today adsense is able to pay my car bill, my housing loan, and my internet access fees, a lot.

Do you really want to know .......

What have I done to get around the world all night ?!

This is not important. It is important that you understand what means you can use adsense to make money right away.

My advice is simple .......

Do not passively accept your current adsense income. Now you are trying to improve it. However, before you start to apply the new methods found in the forum, you must first understand the terms of use of google adsense. Some website publishers often lose their large adsense check because they are too busy to pay attention to the most basic and life-critical adsense clauses.

I like rule-based games, and I am very careful to ensure that all the adsense skills and tricks I use are within the scope permitted by the rules. Since I can earn so much money from adsense, there will always be some "greedy" ideas that tease me, and the result of this will only cause my adsense account to be blocked.

For many website publishers, adsesne is like a goose that can lay golden eggs. Watch out for your goose-don't cut off the money for quick success.

Chapter 2 start using Google Adsense

2.1 Basic: build your website

After the previous release of this book, countless people asked me how to make money with adsense. I am always willing to help them, but many of them do not even have a website.

Here is a basic fact: to make money with adsense, you must have a website. There is no alternative to this. But don't be afraid. Nothing is easier than creating a website. Then you can use it to make real money.

Here I will briefly introduce how to create a website. You can also find a lot of related information on the internet. I will tell you some useful websites. If you already have your own website, you can skip this section and go directly to 2.10 to see the section on improving adsense income.

2.2 give a good name to the website

First of all, you must think of a domain name for your website. However, this is not as simple as that. Almost all the good words in the dictionary have been registered almost, and many of them have been used for investment.

However, this does not mean that you cannot own a nice and cheap domain name. Connecting two words with a horizontal bar is a very good method (such as: ). If you do not need a. com domain name, there are still many good domain names waiting for you. net and. biz.

Therefore, the first step is to register a domain name and then purchase a server space. One of my favorite sites is Globat, which often provides preferential services such as free or one year's price reduction.

In fact, domain name registration service providers usually provide a complete set of solutions: from preparing domain names, registering domain names to providing server space, and even submitting websites to search engine services. Under drafting

When using a domain name, you can first consider ten alternative solutions, and then they will tell you which of them are available. The price for purchasing a domain name generally does not exceed $20/year.

If you cannot find a good domain name, I suggest you go to or There are many companies that sell domain names for a living. You will find some good domain names, but the price may also be from $50 to $50000. Seriously considering the cost-effectiveness of domain names, a good name may be expensive, but it will bring a steady stream of traffic to your website. However, 12 years ago, no one knows what Yahoo, Ebay, and Google are.

2.3 server provider selection

You need to find a network server provider to put the website on its server. You can also have a lot of options, depending on how much you plan to spend and what services you need.

In general, 50 MB space (enough storage of 100 webpages), comprehensive statistical reports and 7x24 services are required. Once your website becomes inaccessible due to a problem, you are losing a large amount of money every hour during this period. Therefore, make sure that the server provider will repair your server in the shortest time.

Professional website servers are often expensive, but the security is much higher than those of free space storage services.

2.4 Design your website

In the past, you had to understand HTML to make websites. Currently, software such as Microsoft Frontpage or NVU saves such trouble. As long as you use Text, you can create a website.

You can get a lot of fun from using these software, or simply hire a professional to work for you.

2.5 create content

In chapter 8, I will explain in detail how to create the content and how to optimize the content to get more traffic and higher adsense revenue. Now you only need to remember that the content of the website determines what kind of advertisement will appear on your website. This is how adsense works: Users click ads because they are related to your website content.

However, building a website for a high-price keyword is not worth the candle. Google does not like such a website, and your visitors do not. If your website cannot attract visitors, it is difficult to bring in traffic, links and ad clicks.

However, there are still many simple methods to create content. You will see in chapter 8.

Remember that google will not display ads on some special websites. If you want to put adsense ads on a gambling website, it's better to get rid of this idea early.

For controversial content, I suggest you refer to adsense's terms of service to determine what is permitted by google and what is not. It is clear above.

2.6 Search Engine Optimization

Once your website is built, you have to let people know about it. One way is to make it rank high on the search engine.

Of the thousands of search engines on the Internet, only three are the most important: Google, Yahoo, and MSN. In chapter 2, we will discuss some specific methods to improve the ranking of search engines.

If you want to take shortcuts, many network companies are doing this. They will submit your website to the search engine and optimize your website until it appears on the top of the search engine. Submit Express provides some free services, hoping to help you.

2.7 link

The ranking of search engines depends on many factors. One of them is the number of external links your website receives. At least google thinks like this: if you have a network that introduces the railway model

At the same time, many other railway model websites are linked to your website. This shows that railway model fans think your website is quite good. The search engine is willing

Your website recommends to people who are searching for railway models. In this way, you can get a lot of traffic for free.

Exchanging links with other websites is a good way to obtain external links. You can even create a page on your website to place them.

In chapter 2, you will see a lot of tips and strategies on search engine optimization.

2.8 Adsense -- start making money!

When you have completed the above steps, get ready-you can start to make money with Adsense. The Adsense application procedure is very simple and easy to understand.

First, you need to tell google whether you represent a company or an individual. This is important because they have to know where to send your check. Then, you need to select content-related ads, search ads, or both. (Content-related ads are a better choice, but I will also tell you how to make a profit from search ads .)

Once your application is approved, you only need to copy and paste several lines of code to the webpage.

2.9 Google's policy

Adsense is working. I know it's at work because I see statistics, check and bank deposits. All the methods I use to increase adsense revenue are completely "legal" and are strictly implemented in accordance with google's policies.

This is crucial. You can cheat adsense, but the consequences are very serious. You can make a lot of money according to google's game rules, but if you put the advertisement on a webpage without any content or encourage people to click the advertisement, the result can only be kicked out, but you cannot get it.

You can see at is allowed and what is banned. Pay special attention to the following aspects:

Do not change the code

You must copy the original adsense advertising code to the webpage without changing anything! The Adsense program allows you to select colors and ad locations (these are factors that increase your ad revenue ). The risk of modifying the advertising code may bring you a tragedy of lifelong elimination.

Don't be tempted

When an advertisement appears on your webpage, it is better to stay away from them. You may attempt to tell your browser "click my advertisement", but once this practice is discovered by google, you will be done. Google also wants viewers to click more ads, provided that they are interested in the ads, rather than other reasons. In fact, as long as you use the correct method, they will naturally click.

Website content problems

Google is very concerned about where its ads appear. It doesn't always want advertisers to complain that their ads appear on a gambling or pornographic website, or on a page with more ads than the content. If your website content has this problem, change it.

Invalid click

The most serious cheating behavior is by clicking your own ads. Some programs that use auto-click ads also fall into this category.

It is easy to make money by rules. Do not do anything that is out of the way!

2.10 is as simple as 1-2-3!

You only need to do the following three steps to increase your adsense revenue.

1. Optimize advertising

Make advertisements more attractive to visitors;

2. Optimize the website

Bring more targeted ads (google says "content is more relevant ");

3. Tracking visitor behavior

If you do not know which methods are effective and which ones are invalid, it is like shooting in the dark.

A good tracking tool can tell you a lot about the behavior of visitors and answer questions such as "what are they looking for on my website ?" And "what advertisements do they Click. Once you understand the meaning, it's not long before you make a fortune!

But this is not so easy to understand, otherwise there will not be so many people in the adsense forum complaining about their few poor adsense bills.

In fact, these people are not lazy people. They just don't know what to do.

Here, I want to assure you that if you follow the methods I have taught you carefully, you will earn as much as you have.

Chapter 3 How to improve click-through rate by optimizing advertisements

3.1 advertisement form: beautify your advertisement

Which type of advertisement do you like? Skyscraper? Rectangle or square? What is the border and background color?

There are thousands of solutions for you to choose from. Many people asked google to decide for them. The result is usually the default appearance setting of the adsense system. How many mistakes have they made! My experience tells me that this practice is tantamount to throwing money in the river.

I have also wasted almost a whole year, earning only one tenth of my income, just because I am too lazy to adjust the color and position of the advertisement.

Adsense ads displayed on the web page. There are several combinations of their shapes, colors, and locations. You can spend several hours a day experimenting with every possible combination. But who will do this stupid thing?

Let me tell you some of the most basic rules, and then your click rate will multiply.

3.2 don't make your advertisement look like an advertisement

People do not access your website to view advertisements. What they want is content.

If your advertisement uses a very dazzling color, a thick border or eye-catching image, visitors can easily recognize it as an advertisement and turn a blind eye to it.

If your ads are at the top or bottom of the web page, or in any other corner, waiting for them will also be ignored. So, you understand, make the advertisement look like a part of the body of the webpage, so that it will be taken seriously and clicked.

Today, people are used to ignoring the flag-like things. They hate pop-up windows and get tired of advertisements. They are skeptical about all free gifts and other things.

So how can we win their trust? It's easy-don't let them think it's an advertisement.

The following tips can greatly improve your click rate.

3.3 use text ads instead of image ads

Text ads have more advantages than image ads.

A. Use appropriate advertising forms. Text ads can be well integrated with website content. Image advertisements do not have so many choices in appearance. You can only change the size and position of images.

B. You can place multiple text advertisements in the space of a flag advertisement. People like to have more choices.

C. The combination of several visual and coordinated text advertisements won't look messy, and the flag advertisement won't be so easy.

D. People hate flag advertisements and don't even look at them. Many experiments have also confirmed that viewers are more interested in text ads related to the website content.

Figure 3.1 the flag advertisement is clearly displayed, but who will click it? To compare different advertising formats and appearances, there is no better information than the official Google guide at

3.4 Optimal ad size

Now you can use text ads and make them look less like ads. Next, it also needs to give a specific size. What size is better?

The answer is a large rectangle of 336*280.

Why? The reason is simple, because it can bring the highest click rate. My own research shows that such advertisements look like a part of the webpage's body. I have tested all adsense ad dimensions and it works best.
Others also told me the same conclusion. I only need to know this one!

The second choice is a medium rectangle with 300*250. The two advertisements of this size are very effective and suitable for most web pages.

I also recommend that you use "wide-range skyscrapers". Of course, you only need text and place it on the edge of the webpage. In chapter 4, I will tell you why we should combine the three.

Have you ever thought about this problem? Almost all PC users use the right hand to take the mouse (even if I am a left-handed person, I use the right hand ). Advertisements displayed on the right edge are "psychologically" to shorten the distance between your right hand and the screen. In my opinion, this "intimate" relationship will make the viewer feel more comfortable, and thus it is easier to click the link.

Stay away from 468*60 ads!

The first thing most people do after registering adsense is to get an advertisement of 468*60.

A big mistake!

I have a theory that explains why they do this. The same principle can also explain why 468*60 ads have the worst click rate.

Most website administrators have such a mindset: they think their ads are best consistent with traditional online ads. What should it look like? By the way, it looks like 468*60. We are too familiar with it, so ...... Result ...... Is ignored.

So its click rate is so low, even if some pictures are decorated with nothing better.

468*60 ads seem to be yelling at people: "Hey, I am an advertisement! Never click me! In fact, you should keep me farther and farther, the better !"

I rarely find that this kind of advertisement has a good effect, so we suggest you do not use it, or your browser should not comment on it.

Chapter 4 colors can increase your click rate

4.1 Design your website

I once attended a fashion show where all the models in the show club wore the same black suit. Too monotonous? Not necessarily! This presentation is used to display platinum jewelry, so all the costumes are designed to set off the jewelry purpose-not to distract the audience.

Of course, you don't have to make the entire website the same color. Instead, you need to find a way to make the advertisement the most attractive part of the page, just like those with platinum jewelry.

Many websites with strong graphic elements are very eye-catching, but they also affect the advertising effect.

A good Adsense advertisement presentation page needs to be carefully designed. Many visual elements such as fonts, font sizes, colors, images, tables, and so on cannot be selected at will.

Carefully dress up your adsense ads and make them the bright pearl of your website.

Figure 4.1 on this webpage, Tim Carter uses clever design to place the advertisement at the center of the whole page's attention.

4.2 let the border go!

This simple tip can double your click rate!

Before the emergence of the Internet, advertisements in newspapers and magazines were marked with a thick and heavy border. Therefore, the border and square gradually became a symbol of advertising information.

Advertisements with obvious borders will make your webpage look messy. In addition, when they separate advertisements from other information, they also spread the attention of visitors on the ad content.

Google provides a powerful color palette that you can use to color advertisements.

You only need to click it to set the color of the advertisement border to be consistent with the background color of the webpage. This not only saves the server space occupied by the webpage, but also keeps the page clean and tidy, advertisements are also more attractive.

You also need to select the same color as the webpage background color for the advertisement background color. Similarly, if an advertisement is in a table, make the background color of the advertisement consistent with that of the table. So the key is to make the border and background color of the advertisement consistent with the webpage, so that the advertisement looks like a part of the webpage content.

Figure 4.2 the white background color is always easy to process. If your webpage background color is white, you can immediately see the effect of the adjustment in the advertisement example next to the color palette.

Figure 4.3 remember to make the background color of the advertisement consistent with that of the webpage. Even if you don't see the border, the advertisement example in the figure above is obviously highlighted on the white background.

4.3 text also needs to be designed!

Yes, the font, font size, color of the word, and advertisement color must be consistent with other text elements on the webpage. This allows the advertisement to better integrate into the webpage, and makes the visitor feel that you agree with the content of the advertisement.

Consistent ad fonts and text have the same effect: they seem to be part of your website, rather than google.

The advantage of doing so is that it can bring a click rate.

Figure 4.5 design your text ads to increase the click rate! On my blog, I chose 728*90 ads on top of the webpage.

I made an experiment on my blog to set the color of the ad title to the same color as the webpage body Title, and set the color of the ad body to the same as that of the webpage body, set the background color of the advertisement to the background color of the webpage (I also changed the font size) to observe the changes in the click rate.

The results show that the "three elements are consistent" (title, body and background) method can greatly improve the click rate.

Using too many different fonts will make the webpage ugly and easy to confuse visitors. Now, try every valid method to make the advertisement "part" of the website content.

In other words, don't make your advertisement look like an advertisement!

Blue 4.4 is the best

Now you understand that you need to remove the ad border and set the font and background to be consistent with the webpage.

But what should I do with the link? What color should a visitor click on?


I used to say that the color of all ad text should be the same as that of the page text, including links. However, after reading an article about the advantages of blue links and the verification results, I will not talk about this anymore.

This means that people prefer to click the blue link relative to their colors.

The code for setting the link color in the Adsense advertisement code is: Google_color_link = "# color ";

"# Color" is the color number of the 12th percentile. You should set it to # 0000FF.

Using blue links can increase your click rate by at least 25%.

4.5 Where Does My URL point?

Then you have set the color of the ad text and the link color.

But there is a URL. Making URLs appear on advertisements is one of Google's rules. But you do not have to let the viewer see it.

A feasible method is to set the URL to the same color as the ad text, so that it looks very insignificant, so as not to distract the viewer's attention-it should be on the link. Since google provides you with these tools, why not?

Note that the 728*90 and 468*60 advertisements do not display URLs. This is not a Google error. It is designed like this.

4.6 intentional inconsistency

In addition to the methods mentioned above, there is also a good policy effect.

If you place an advertisement on the top of a webpage, you can set the color and appearance to be different.

This inconsistency will generate two strong visual regions and bring two different experiences to viewers.

The first area is always on the top of the home page, above the main content. Set the color of the ad title and text to the same as the text title. (Important: the URLs of such advertisements are hidden, so only some text advertisements can do this .)

The effect of this approach is that these advertisements above the body seem like the key to your website content, so it is easier to be clicked. Visitors feel they are visiting another important area of the website.

Figure 4.6 the has two areas: the ad area at the top and the article area below. This design has increased their advertising revenue by five times.

Chapter 5 maximizing advertising visibility and user response

5.1 advertisement location: where do you put them?

Location is everything. Even the most beautiful advertisements in the world would be blank if they were not in the first place. However, after so many Google Adsense releases, I want to tell you that the most visible position does not always mean the best effect. In fact, it is very likely that they are "too conspicuous" and they are ignored by viewers.

The places that really work are those that are most likely to attract the attention of viewers and take up most of their time.

You can use graphs, tables, and other la s to create several "scenic spots" on your webpage to attract viewers.

Once they are caught by these interesting content, they are likely to read and click on relevant advertisements. This is exactly what google requires, rather than blind and unintentional click rates.

Here are a few tips to help you get such click rates.


Determine the viewer's reading mode. What attracts them attention first? What makes them click?

As I said, you need to put the advertisement on the content that attracts the attention of viewers, rather than the places that no one will watch.

Website visitors will follow the content, so make sure that your ads also follow the content.

Take a closer look at the design and layout of the web page, identify the places that most visitors can see, and mark these places as possible advertising spaces.

In fact, Google has provided us with a "heat map" that can help us do this work more efficiently.
Https:// Answer= 17954

Figure 5.1 Google's "heat map" shows the hotspot area of a "common" webpage. The area with darker colors is the area most frequently noticed by viewers. However, remember that no webpage is "normal", so confirm your own hotspot area.

Google acknowledges that some areas on the webpage have better ad performance than other areas. Researchers also found that when a visitor browses a webpage, their sight always starts from the upper left corner, then from left to right, and goes down row by row.

All of the above are true. However, the hotspot areas of each web page are different. Only practices can be used to reveal the truth.

More than 5.3 lines

There is a general rule in the Internet: people spend most of their time on the web page "turning lines above ".

When people open a webpage, the first thing they do is to get as much information as possible before dragging the scroll bar. The area that you can see without dragging the mouse is called a Tab line or above ".

This is where your advertisement should appear.

The number of links displayed above the Tab line has a great impact on the ad click rate. Therefore, the more advertisements, the more money you have.

Google always puts the most expensive advertisements at the top, and the lowest price at the bottom.

If you put three or four ads on a webpage, low-price ads may "steal" the viewer's attention and disrupt your webpage.

It is best not to make advertisements compete with each other. If you want to increase the unit price, remember: the fewer ads, the better! Especially on the Tab line or above.

Let's look at two examples:

Figure 5.2 the page has a search box, a recommendation product, a product catalog, and an Adsense advertisement.

Figure 5.3 is not the most attractive website, but pay attention to its adsense ad link on the Tab line.

Which website has a high click rate? The answer is that the latter's click rate is three times that of the former. Therefore, do not make too many choices on the Tab line.

5.4 use the table

As I mentioned earlier, one of the principles of high click rate is to integrate advertising into content. Table is a good way to integrate advertising into content.

In the following example, Chris Pirillo cleverly put the advertisement into a table, which makes the page clean and beautiful, and the ad click rate also hits a new high. Let's see how he made the

Figure 5.4 Note that these tables make the webpage look neat.

Do you want to achieve the above effect on your webpage?

Dave Taylor shares this simple code to create a left-aligned table containing ads. You just need to paste this code to the position where you want the advertisement to appear.

Very easy!

Left-aligned table containing adsense:

Google adsense code is put here

Right-aligned table containing adsense:

Google adsense code is put here

5.5 Adsense link Unit

After we have discussed these methods, you may want to know where the advertisement should be placed.

The Adsense link unit allows you to put 4-5 links in a box, ranging from 20*90 to 200*90, which means you can put them on the webpage sidebar.

On the same page, you can place three other ad units in addition to one link unit. You may find that if a viewer cannot find any helpful information in a certain type of advertising unit, he may find another one.

The Adsense link unit differs from other types of advertisements in that it only displays a list of related topics rather than ads. When a visitor clicks a topic, Google will display an advertisement in a new pop-up window.

Some people may think that the effect of the link unit is not good, because you have to click twice to receive the money. Yes, only the second click will generate revenue.

But there is no reason for this: if a visitor is willing to take the time to click a topic, then he may be very interested (possibly) in clicking a real advertisement on the results page. Some people found that almost every person who clicks a link unit will click an advertisement on the next page.

I tested link units on multiple websites, and the results were quite different. It is hard to say that it is not suitable for you.

In the first case, I put the link unit on an information-based website. Its visitors are some of the most common Internet users. The results are not worth mentioning. You can probably use the money to buy a large piece of chocolate.

In the second case, I put the link unit on a product introduction website, with a narrow visitor scope. But the results are incredible!

The result is obvious. If you want to put adsense link units on the webpage, you need to put them in:

1. A website focusing on special industry content. A popular website can only bring you a popular advertising revenue.

2. Do not have too many other links on the Tab line. For a link unit, this is critical: If your visitor wants to click a link, it must be able to bring you money.

It is a good idea to place links on websites with high-price keywords. If someone finds information or products related to a high-price keyword on your website, they will probably click the link unit.

Let's take an example:

Figure 5.5 puts the link unit on a link list, which is well integrated with the web page.

I have introduced Chris Pirillo's website as a good adsense ad template. I have not read his adsense statistics, but I have been paying attention to his website for a long time. I have a good reason to believe that his advertising revenue must be very high.

The middle column of this page is the classic adsesne ad location. He uses a medium (or large) rectangle, a blue link, black text, and a light-colored URL. It makes sense to place the advertisement in the built-in position on the right. People always look from left to right. My experiment also proves that the advertisement on the right is the best.

Let's see where his connection unit is: the column in the upper left corner, above the Tab line. This allows the viewer to see it at the first glance. As long as the link unit is related to the webpage content, the browser can get a 1%-2% click rate. If you have such a location on your website, try again.

5.6 Horizontal link Unit

Google recently launched a new form of horizontal link units. This has brought about great changes. Some ad users use this link unit to increase the click rate by more than 200%.

Although it works well to put a pile of links on another pile of links, it is too conspicuous to put them in the middle of the text. Now, this horizontal link unit can be perfectly integrated into the article.

Figure 5.6 the new horizontal ad link is very suitable for posting in articles and can clearly display a series of keywords.

Each page can have only one link unit, and visitors must click twice to earn money. However, it is worth putting the link unit in a large article. My suggestion is that you put it above or in the middle of the article and never put it at the end of the article.

5.7 use multiple advertising units

Google allows three ad units, one link unit, and one search box to be placed on the same page. What does this mean for website publishers?

A real gold mine: you can now have more options to retain visitors, because google shows different advertisements in each advertising unit.

Seize this opportunity to add new content to the page with the highest traffic. Use beautiful pictures to attract visitors to the next view, or direct them to your advertisement. B2B websites may wish to use a cartoon topic updated every day to broadcast business information and news. The advertisement placed under this topic will receive

High "rating ".

This is your strategy to increase your advertising impression. A higher impression means a higher click rate and more money.

With multiple advertising units, you can place the most appropriate ads in the most appropriate position.

Chapter 6 control your ads

6.1 attract related advertisements

Appropriate colors and locations can help you increase the click rate, but they do not determine which ads will appear on your website.

In theory, this is controlled by Google and users cannot choose. In fact, you can still use some methods to prevent ads that are irrelevant to the website content from appearing on your webpage.

The higher the relevance of the advertisement, the higher the chance that the viewer clicks the advertisement.

The most important factor is the content of your website. Google robots will check your website and display ads based on the website content and certain keywords.

Remember, google robots do not understand pictures, flash, or any other non-text content. In chapter 8, we will discuss the content in detail, but remember that you must give google a webpage that you can understand before google can give you the expected advertisement.

6.2 Associate title, directory, and title

Google's robot webpage reading mechanism is as confidential as Coca-Cola's formula. However, the website title does have a certain impact on it.

If you browse these webpages on a local machine before uploading the webpage files to the server, you will find that adsense displays related advertisements based on the name of the directory where the webpage files are located. This gives us a huge clue, at least one of the deciding factors: google analyzes the directory name.

In fact, not only is the directory name so important, but the file name itself is also the same.

If you have a website about wedding trains, the file name of a webpage, for example, trains. php, then it is very likely that you will see ads for Amtrak and Caltrain on this page. Obviously, they won't give you much clicks. Try to change the file name to weddingtrains. php. You will have a much larger chance to see the wedding advertisement.

If you find that the advertisements on the website are irrelevant to the website content, you should first correct the directory name and title and give them a more relevant name.

The title is also important. Do not use tags for them. Try again. The title should preferably contain content keywords, which is helpful for robot identification.

If there is no title in the entire webpage, add a few.

6.3 search for keywords

Google robots search for keywords on the website, and then submit a report to them. adsense determines which ads are put on the website based on the report. If you have a pension plan website, your keywords should be "retirement", "401k", and "pension).

Choosing the correct keywords not only gives you the relevant ads, but also helps you find the most expensive ads.

There are many tools on the Internet that tell you how much people intend to pay for these keywords.,, is a type of website.

Remind readers again not to create a website for a high-price keyword. However, if you already know that "K" is more expensive than "retirement", you must pay a high price.

Section 12.4 provides more methods for querying the latest high-price keywords.

6.4 keyword density

Good keywords can bring good advertisements, but they are not more beneficial.

There is no formula to teach you how to calculate the number of appropriate keywords on a page. You must keep experimenting. Keywords, especially the density of high-price keywords, are hard to say clearly. If you plan to design a page for car rental (high-price keyword) on a car website, you may find that such advertisements only need to be created on several related webpages.

The general opinion is that, if the title is correct and the content of the advertisement does not match the content of the webpage, you need to repeat the keywords multiple times on the webpage, and the more accurate the meaning, the better. For example, the word "fire extinguisher" is much better than "fire-fighting equipment.

6.5 keyword location

The location of keywords is not that important. As long as they have the correct meaning, a proper number, and appear on the right web page, they can bring related advertisements, right?


In the Adsense application, one of the most incredible phenomena is that you place the same keyword in different places on the webpage and the results will bring different advertisements.

In my experience, the most important position is at the bottom of the adsense advertisement, where the keyword is most likely to affect the advertisement. For example, if the word "clown" appears at the bottom of an adsense advertisement, the advertisement may be about circus and clown.

Remember this, and you will be able to make the advertisement look like a new one. For example, if you have a website about "camping", you may find many advertisements for tents and sleeping bags. This is good. However, if you want a few advertisements about Yosemite or mobile houses, you may be able to refer to these keywords once or twice at the bottom of the advertisement position.

Even so, adsense tries to display ads that contain the content of the entire web page. Suppose you have a gardening website with the word "cabbage" under the ad space, then you will see more advertisements for planting cabbage than for cabbage food.

The keyword location technique allows you to get at least one or two distinctive advertisements, so it is really worth a try.

6.6 keyword framework

One of the reasons why web pages often cannot get the correct keywords is that navigation bars and other non-content information affect google's reading of the web page. If links and irrelevant words occupy a lot of webpage space, the impact will be very bad.

One way to avoid this is to establish a framework. Put all the main content in one framework and the navigation information in another framework. Only the former has ad code, so that your keywords will not be affected by other irrelevant content.


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