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Google sync is officially released. It provides online synchronization services for mobile phones. It supports the iPhone, Symbian, BlackBerry, and WM smart systems and pushes synchronization information using Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync protocol. Currently, Google Contacts and calendars are supported, and email and tasks are not supported. Before setting, back up your contacts and calendar data. Google sync deletes data on the mobile phone.

First open Active Sync, right-click to add the source server, enter in the server address, select SSL connection, and click Next;

Enter your Gmail account and password, select Save Password (no domain is required by default), click Next, synchronize data settings, select contacts and calendar, and click Finish. When you need to synchronize data, click the synchronization button to automatically check the data and download and synchronize it. Problems1. Chinese name does not understand

If you add "Zhang San" as the contact person in the Gmail Address Book, after synchronization, the mobile phone shows the person with the last name "Zhang San" and the name left blank.

Because the names in the Gmail address book must be identified by spaces.

According to Chinese habits, we will enter "Zhang San". After synchronization, you will find that the mobile phone shows the person with the last name "3" and the name "Zhang.

To make the phone look more comfortable, how should we change it to "three images? In this way, the "Michael" person is displayed correctly on the mobile phone, but it is troublesome to send emails in Gmail.

This is because Gmail contacts use English names,No matter which language version of Gmail you are using, the name rules are in English..

2. You cannot add custom fields.

Google claims that after Google sync is used, there is no need to worry about the loss of mobile phone contacts. But the problem arises:

(1) I added my birthday to Michael Jacob on my cell phone.

(2) The Gmail address book does not synchronize the birthday item.

(3) my mobile phone is formatted

(4) synchronize Google sync again. The birthday is gone.

The root cause is that Gmail mailing records do not support custom fields!

We often use custom fields in the mobile phone Address Book, such as adding ID cards to XX and bust dimensions to XX. However, none of the data will be updated to the Gmail address book.

3. groups cannot be synchronized.

Or synchronization issues. In Gmail, we can set a Contact Group, but after synchronization, sorry, the Group will not be synchronized.

Therefore, it is difficult for me to understand how Google uses the word sync.

4. A maximum of five calendars can be synchronized.

In "improving work efficiency and making good use of Google Calendar", we can subscribe to calendars shared by others, such as F1 schedules and event schedules. These are all in the form of a separate calendar.

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