Graphics card: Comparison between two mainstream graphics cards: ATI and NVIDIA

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Currently, the two mainstreamGraphics cardThe manufacturers are ATI and nvdia, and their graphics cards have their own unique characteristics. However, the functions and usage of the two brands of graphics cards are completely different. Nvdia video cards focus on the game picture and picture quality. ATI graphics cards focus on textures and lines. Because the NVIDIA graphics card is generally produced by game enthusiasts, why is the speed of updating computers in China so fast is because the game is developed and updated in different segments. The 3D Video Effects of the game are getting better and better, and old-fashioned graphics cards and computers are no longer able to run these games: Forever Tower, World of Warcraft, jianwang 3 and other high-quality video games require not only a good video card, but also other computer hardware. No matterMemory,Motherboard,CPUAnd other configuration requirements must be very high-end. ATI graphics cards do not focus on the quality of the game. ATI graphics cards focus on a stripe, because they are generally used for plotting, beautifying pages and other detailed local ranges. ATI is much better than vodda.


NVIDIA graphics card:

NVIDIA geforce graphics card series GPU laptops and desktop computers bring incomparable performance photos, high-definition videos, and ultra-authentic games to users. The geforce series notebook GPU also includes advanced power consumption management technology, which can ensure high performance without consuming the battery. Real mobile digital TV, high fidelity surround sound effect, smooth DVD quality video playback, console-type 3D Game bright and vivid photos.

ATI graphics card:

ATI graphics cardOn the dx10 support, selecting an over-standard stream processor will help to process a large amount of parallel data. A group of six over-standard SP servers will take full effect. NVIDIA selects one super processor to take full effect.


1,ATI graphics cardThe core features are not properly utilized.ATI graphics cardThe features determine that hd2900 requires high-speed memory and non-high-bandwidth memory. Hd2900 uses 512-bitgddr3 as a powerful person with poor eyesight. 1 GB hd2900xt is dragged down due to the long delay of gddr4 memory.

2,ATI graphics cardCore frequency Asynchronization is not supported, that is, the core frequency must be the same as the SP frequency. NVIDIA's over-standard processor frequency can easily surpass 2 GHz.ATI graphics cardThe hd2000 series cannot compete with other products at all.

We recommend that you buyGraphics cardFirst, let's take a look at what is the main thing, whether it is for playing games, drawing, or ordinary learning machines (if it is an ordinary learning machine, you don't have to spend a lot of money) the competition between the two famous brands in the Chinese market will become more and more intense, but NVIDIA is better than ATI, because after all, there are many game players. Two mainstreamGraphics cardIt cannot be compared in this way, but it is better for each period. please be sure to know about the large number of mainstream products before buying them.Graphics cardThen determine the function performance.


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