Greenplum-cc-web Installation

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Chapter One document overview

1. This installation manual describes the installation Greenplum-cc-web operation applicable to Greenplum4.0 or above version

Chapter II Installation media

Download corresponding Greenplum-cc-web package for greenplum version;

Chapter III Installation of the Performance Monitor data collection agent

The Gpadmin user performs the following steps "only on Master node".
3.1, using the Gpperfmon_install command,

Greenplum The command is already included when the installation is complete. After installation, a database named Gpperfmon is established and the Gpmon user is used by default. The password for the system user Gpmon the command line.


3.2. Restart GP Database

[Email protected] ~]$ Gpstop-r

3.3. Confirm whether the monitoring and acquisition process has been started.

[Email protected] ~]$ Ps-ef |  228522760: xx: xx:/gpdb/ app/bin/gpmmon-d/data/gpdata/master/gpseg-15432

3.4. Verify that the Performance Monitor database is writing data properly and check if there is a record write.

' select * from System_now; '

3.5, copy master copy configuration file to standby master's corresponding directory "This example does not set smdw; no action required"

Gpscp-h smdw $MASTER _data_directory/pg_hba.conf =: $MASTER _data_directory/-H smdw ~/.pgpass =:~/
Fourth. Installing the Performance Monitor console

The Performance Monitor console is typically installed on the master host, or can be installed on a separate server. Because of the installation of directory permissions, it is recommended to use the root user first. "Only in master node"
4.1, download the corresponding installation package
View Greenplum version;

' /greenplum version/{print $8} ' ' nr==1 ' 4.3. 8.1

Where is the corresponding
4.2. Run the installation package
Install package Decompression:

[Email protected] gpdb]# unzip greenplum-cc-web-3.3. 1

To run the installation file:

[Email protected] gpdb]#./greenplum-cc-web-3.3.1-linux-X86_64.bini has READ and AGREE to the TERMS of the ABOVE PIVOTAL greenplum databaseend USER LICENSE agreement. You must enter Yes Before you can continue with the installation. ********************************************************************************Do you accept the Pivotal greenplum Database end user LicenseAgreement? [yes |No]********************************************************************************Yes the default gpdb installation path is/usr/local/greenplum-cc-web-**, confirm that you need to enter Yes, if you need to install to a different path, directly enter the path you want to follow********************************************************************************provide the installation path forgreenplum Command Center or press ENTER to accept thedefaultInstallation path:/usr/local/greenplum-cc-web-3.3.1/gpdb/greenplum-cc-Web********************************************************************************Install greenplum Command Center into</gpdb/greenplum-cc-web>? [yes |No]********************************************************************************Yes/gpdb/greenplum-cc-Web does not exist. Create/gpdb/greenplum-cc-web? [yes |No] (Selecting no would exit the installer)********************************************************************************yesextracting Product to/gpdb/greenplum-cc-webrm:cannot Remove '/gpdb/greenplum-cc-web': is a directory********************************************************************************installation complete. Greenplum Command Center isInstalledinch/gpdb/greenplum-cc-Web-Symlink created at/gpdb/greenplum-cc-Web to install pathplease ensure ThisInstallation's file is sourced.(if/gpdb/greenplum-cc-web/ isSourced, This  isalready done.) To migrate existing GPCC instances to ThisVersion, RUN:GPCMDR--Migrateto CreateNewGPCC instances, RUN:GPCMDR--Setup********************************************************************************

Of course, you can also create the installation directory/gpdb/greenplum-cc-web; Greenplum-cc-web is now installed successfully.

4.3 Monitor installation directory owner modification:

[Email protected] gpdb]# chown-r Gpadmin:gpadmin/gpdb/greenplum-cc-web

4.4, modify the master host Gpadmin. BASHRC configuration, increase


4.5, install the master GP monitoring software to any other host at the same time

[Email protected] ~~]$ gpccinstall-f/gpdb/app/config/seg_host

4.6, modify the other host gpadmin. BASHRC configuration, increase


4.7. Configuring GPCC Instances

[Email protected] ~]$ GPCMDR--Setupthe Instance name identifies the gpdb cluster Thisgreenplum Command Center Web UI monitors and controls. Instance names can contain letters, digits, and underscores and is not Casesensitive. Please enter the instance namegp_lottuthe display name isShown asThe"Server" inchThe WebInterfaceAnd does not need to BEA hostname. Display names can contain letters, digits, and underscores and are Casesensitive. Please enter the display name for  Thisinstance: (press ENTER to use instance name) Gp_cc_lottua GPCC instance can isSetTo manage and monitor a remote Greenplum the master host forThe Greenplum Database remote? Yy/nn (default=N) nwhat Port does the Greenplum Database use? (default=5432) Enable Kerberos Login for  ThisInstance? Yy/nn (default=N) Creating Instance Schemainchgpdb. Please wait ... The Greenplum Command Center runs a small Web server forThe UI and Web API. This Web server bydefaultRuns on port28080, but are specify any available port. What Port wouldNewWeb server to use for  ThisInstance? (default=28080) Users LogginginchTo the Command Center must provide database usercredentials. In order to protect user names and passwords, it isrecommendedthat SSL BES is enabled. Enable SSL forThe Web API yy/nn (default=N) NCopy The instance to a standby master host Yy/nn (default=Y) Ndone writing webserver configuration to/gpdb/greenplum-cc-web/instances/gp_lottu/webserver/conf/app.confcreating Instance at/gpdb/greenplum-cc-web/instances/gp_lottugreenplum Command Center UI configuration isNow complete . to change parameters of Thisinstance, edit the configuration fileat/gpdb/greenplum-cc-web/instances/gp_lottu/webserver/conf/APP.CONFTO Configure multi-cluster view, edit the configuration file at/gpdb/greenplum-cc-web/instances/gp_lottu/conf/clusters.confthe Web UI for  ThisInstance isLocated at http://mdw:28080You can now start the Web UI for  ThisInstance by Running:gpcmdr--start Gp_lottu

4.8. Start the service

[Email protected] ~]$ GPCMDR--for'gp_lottu'28080  9105]

4.9. Test Performance Monitor Foreground connection
Open IE Input Performance Monitor console address:

Greenplum-cc-web Installation

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