greenplum-cc-web4.2 Monitoring Installation

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Installing the Performance Monitor Data collection agent

The Gpadmin user performs the following steps "only on Master node".

Using the Gpperfmon_install command,

Greenplum The command is already included when the installation is complete. After installation, a database named Gpperfmon is established and the Gpmon user is used by default. The password for the system user Gpmon the command line.

[Email protected] ~]$ gpperfmon_install--enable--password gpmon--port 5432

Restarting the GP database

[Email protected] ~]$ Gpstop-r

Verify that the monitoring capture process is started.

[Email protected] ~]$ Ps-ef |grep Gpmmon

Verify that the Performance Monitor database is writing data properly and check for Record writes.

psql-d gpperfmon-c ' select * from System_now; '

Copy Master master copy configuration file to standby master's corresponding directory "This example does not have smdw; no action required"

Gpscp-h smdw $MASTER _data_directory/pg_hba.conf =: $MASTER _data_directory/

Gpscp-h smdw ~/.pgpass =:~/

Install the Performance Monitor console to download the corresponding installation package

View Greenplum Version

[Email protected] ~]$ Gpstate-s | awk '/greenplum version/{print $8} ' |awk ' Nr==1 '

Install package

Run the installation package

Install package Decompression:

To run the installation file:

[Email protected] gpdb]#./greenplum-cc-web-4.2.0-linux-x86_64/gpccinstall-4.2.0


I have READ and AGREE to the TERMS of the ABOVE PIVOTAL greenplum DATABASE
Does agree to the Pivotal greenplum Command Center End User License agreement? Yy/nn (default=y)
Where would to install Greenplum Command Center? (default=/usr/local)
Path not exist, create it? Yy/nn (default=y)
What would do you like to the name this installation of Greenplum Command Center? (DEFAULT=GPCC)
What port would do I GPCC webserver to use? (default=28080)
Would you like to enable Kerberos? Yy/nn (Default=n)
Would you like enable SSL? Yy/nn (Default=n)
Installation in progress ...
Successfully installed Greenplum Command Center.
We recommend SSH to standby master before starting GPCC webserver
To start the GPCC webserver in the current host, run GPCC start
Modify environment variables (all machines)
[Email protected] ~]$ Vi. bash_profile
source/data1/gpdb/gpcc/greenplum-cc-web-4.2.0/ [[email protected] ~]$ source. bash_profile
Modify the pg_hba.conf File connection
Host all Gpmon (native IP)/24 MD5
[Email protected] ~]$ gpstart-a
[[email protected] ~]$ GPCC start

Open URL Access, password is the password set earlier

greenplum-cc-web4.2 Monitoring Installation

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