Greenplum Installing Greenplum-cc-web Monitoring

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First, greenplum cluster installation environment

A master two segment set up by a virtual machine.

Second, pre-installation preparation

1) Required installation package

Greenplum Monitoring installation package:

2) Modify the postgresql.conf configuration file

Go to the Gpseg-1 folder in your master's file system

$ cd/data/master/gpseg-1

To edit postgresql.conf, add the following parameters:      

      Gp_enable_gpperfmon=on  gpperfmon_port   =8888  gp_ External_enable_exec   =on  gpperfmon_log_alert_level   =Warning    

Third, install Greenplum monitoring database and create user (this step is installed under Gpadmin user)

Open the Greenplum database

$ gpstart-a

Install the Gpperfmon database and create a password for the Gpmon user


Restart database

$ gpstop-r

Check if GP monitoring is started

PS grep Gpmmon

Check to see if GP monitoring monitors every host in the Greenplum cluster

' Gpperfmon ' ' select * from System_now; '


Iv. formally install Greenplum-cc-web (installed under root user)

Unpacking the installation package

Unzip greenplum-cc-web-3.0. 2-linux-x86_64. Zip

Run the Greenplum-cc-web-3.0.2-linux-x86_64.bin after decompression

#./greenplum-cc-web-3.0. 2-linux-x86_64.bin

If you see the above hint, then the first step of Greenplum-cc-web installation is complete.

Greenplum-cc-web is installed by default in the/usr/local/directory

Configure the. bashrc file under root, add the following environment variables to the file, and take effect on the./BASHRC configuration file

      VI ~/.BASHRC
/usr/local/greenplum-cc-web//usr/ local/greenplum-db-4.3. 12.0 /

Because it is installed with root permissions, in order to avoid permissions problems, I will install the Greenplum-cc-web folder all grant Gpadmin permissions

1      chown -R gpadmin/usr/local/greenplum-cc-web2      chown -R gpadmin/usr /local/greenplum-cc-web-3.0. 2

Then switch to the Gpadmin user, configure the gpadmin. bashrc file, add the following environment variables to the file, and take effect on the./BASHRC configuration file

 source / usr/ local/ greenplum- cc- web< Span style= "COLOR: #808080" >/ srouce  / usr/ local/ Greenplum- db- 4.3 . 12.0  / export master_data_directory  =/ data/ Master / gpseg- 1  

Assign the. bashrc file under Gpadmin as a gpadmin user to a machine other than master

$ gpscp-f All_segs ~/.BASHRC =:~

Install Greenplum-cc-web on a machine other than master with the root user


1      $ exit (gpadmin user) 23 # Gpccinstall-F all_segs (your list of hosts except Master)4 5 ' chown-r Gpadmin/usr/local/greenplum-cc-web ' 6 7 ' chown-r gpadmin/usr/local/greenplum-cc-web-3.0.2 '

Then switch to the Gpadmin user, and the. bashrc file for all hosts in the all_segs takes effect

1 su Gpadmin 2 3 ' Source ~/.BASHRC '

Add user logon rights in pg_hbc_conf (if not added may cause the GPCC instance to not be created)

Host all        ::1/+  Trust

The last is to configure the GPCC instance

$ GPCMDR--setup


Now we can start the instance

$ GPCMDR--start [your instance name]

Open the browser, enter http://mastert[in the address bar or your host's IP address]:28080, if the following interface appears, then congratulations, your greenplum-cc-web all installed successfully!


Greenplum Installing Greenplum-cc-web Monitoring

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