Hack routed WiFi

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BT3 Full Name back track 3, a portable system for a Linux environment that can be launched on a USB flash drive or CD-ROM, as well as a VMware mirror that is bootable with a VMware virtual machine and has no impact on its own hard drive, without having to install locally.

BT3 is a very well-known hacker attack platform in the circle, White is a packaged Linux operating system, built in a large number of network security detection tools and hacking software and so on. BT3 is known for its convenience of cracking wireless networks, and the built-in SPOONWEP is a very powerful tool for graphically cracking WEP wireless network passwords. BT3 often with the infinite crack, rub network card and so on together, the principle is to grab the packet, in a number of packets to detect the same string, analyze its password. BT3 can only crack WEP, WPA, WPA2 Three encryption methods, usually in most cases, no line is used in these kinds of encryption methods. Crack is not when all can be cracked, this need signal, user's use, hardware and other reasons, the signal is not good there are many data packets are not captured, the user's use of more, the more data packets, can be cracked to the data packet in more than 10,000, and then to analyze the password, the best in the daytime when more people use. One of the client's non-line by the opportunity to crack the chance will be greater, good luck as long as 10 minutes or so, bad words will be a few hours, because to capture more than 10,000 packets, but there are exceptions, and sometimes 20,000 packets can not be cracked.

This is a Linux environment System network complete detection tool and hack software and other convenient to crack infinite network spoon WEP BT3 packet packet detect the same string analysis password WEP WPA WPA2 Three kinds of encryption method

9. After extracting the USB flash drive, see 2 folders one is BT3 a boot, then the size of the U disk should be more than 700 m.

10. At this time BT3 has been installed in the U disk, to this step still not, still have to do the boot program of U disk. Click Start-Run, enter CMD, OK


Hack routed WiFi

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