[Hadoop] 5. cloudera manager (3) and hadoopcloudera installed on Hadoop

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[Hadoop] 5. cloudera manager (3) and hadoopcloudera installed on Hadoop


Before that, install all the files in the cm package



This is because CM depends on postgresql and requires postgresql to be installed on the local machine. If it is installed online, it is automatically installed in Yum mode. Because it is offline, postgresql cannot be installed automatically.

Check whether postgresql is installed:

[Root @ localhost postgresql84] # rpm-qa | grep postgres



If the software source is set, it is not enough. Some configuration files will be uninstalled from the Internet. Although the software source contains all the required files, modify/etc/hosts and add it at the end:

<Hostname> archive.cloudera.com







Yum localinstall-nogpgcheck *. rpm


1. Install cm

Run cloudera-manager-installer.bin files with root users

Change the File Permission to executable.


Now we have encountered a problem where binary files cannot be executed.

The system may be a 32-bit file that cannot be executed 64-bit. We will download a 64-bit file again.



Baidu on the Internet seems to be 64-bit.

We downloaded a 32-bit software, but it seems that there is no 32-bit software on the Internet, so we only have to reinstall the system and install a 64-bit system.


Okay, at last we set the system to 64-bit and then started to install the software, but we encountered an error.



Error cause:

Note the reason for the existence of selinux = enforcing in the middle !!!


We changed to version 5.0.



Click NEXT or YES


Okay. Finally, open the service.

Servicecloudera-scm-server start


Modify servername

[Root @ zhanglin ~] # Vi/etc/resolv. conf


2. Install chd

Open the browser and enter the address 7180. the user name and password are admin/admin by default.





I did not select



If you use xiaofeng, the verification method is "all hosts accept the same password" and the password is "xiaofeng2015 ".

Make sure that the scripts are consistent.



We tried another login method.





Still failed. Pay attention to the yum Configuration




After yum is configured, you can install it.



Prepare Parcels to install CDH5

Put the CHD5-related Parcel package in the/opt/cloudera/parcel-repo/directory of the master node (parcel-repo needs to be manually created ).

The related files are as follows:

  • CDH-5.1.3-1.cdh5.1.3.p0.12-el6.parcel
  • CDH-5.1.3-1.cdh5.1.3.p0.12-el6.parcel.sha1
  • Manifest. json

Finally, rename the CDH-5.1.3-1.cdh5.1.3.p0.12-el6.parcel.sha1 to CDH-5.1.3-1. cdh5. sha, which must be noted; otherwise, the system will re-download the CDH-5.1.3-1. cdh5. file.



Manifest is transmitted to the corresponding folder.




Please ignore the above !!!



Thank you for all the flowers I have waited !!!!





I ignored this issue.



Add hdfs




Select the corresponding Configuration Service


Select a service and click "Check role assignment". The allocation scheme is different because the number of machines in each province is inconsistent. for details about each province, see the separate settings document. uniform installation services: HDFS, YARN, Zookeeper, Hive, Impala, Oozie, Sqoop, Hue

The NameDome and YARN roles must be determined. Other roles can be assigned after logon.






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