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What are the conditions for a happy loan application?

There are a few conditions here. One is the car loans, credit, Fang Li loans Their application conditions are not the same
Conditions of application for vehicle loan:

Age Requirement: 18-60 years old

Vehicle insurance: Strong risk + commercial insurance (within the validity of insurance)

Age Requirement: The loan term plus the length of the vehicle shall not exceed 8 years

Vehicle requirements: Private car in the applicant's name (no record of transfer registration in the last 3 months)

Fang Li Loan Application conditions:

Age Requirement: 21-60 years old

Work area: Work in house of purchase

Living Area: Residence in the House of purchase

Living life: More than two years in the home purchase

Type of housing: commercial housing, commercial and residential dual-use rooms

Credit requirement: Good credit record

Conditions of application for letter of credit:

Age Requirement: 21-55 years old

Income requirements: After the after-tax monthly income of more than 2500 yuan

Social Security requirements: the need to pay more than 3 months in the local social security

Working life: 6 months continuous work in present unit

How to borrow a happy loan

1, open Happy Loan app homepage, click I want to borrow

2, in I want to borrow money for us to provide a car, Fang Li loans, credit three kinds of loan, the user can choose according to their own needs of one of the loans, such as small series of the choice of the car, and then click Apply immediately
3, in the Loan application page, enter the name, cell phone number, the region, the expected loan amount and time limit, if there are other instructions to enter other instructions, the final click to apply immediately.

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