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said that "within the chain for the king, outside the chain for the emperor," but, as the network to optimize the operation, how to build a huge internal chain it? My personal experience is to learn and imitate, for a long time, the author developed a long-term browsing portal habits, such as NetEase, Sina, Sohu, right, Tencent does not count. Say Seo never appeared before, heaven and earth a chaos, during the inclusion of network bubbles, constantly pounding the internet world. This time, in order to effectively enhance the site data, news portal product managers at all levels of the page set up a large number of reading the column, the main manifestation of the article list, the specific people know, is the title plus links. Perhaps a webmaster to see the link between the two words, they understand, the enemy, this is the embryonic form of the chain, but there is no inside the chain of this noun.

With the development of the Internet industry, major search engines on the search link ranking rules have been more systematic and standardized, network optimization and operation of the concept, also gradually clear up. In this period, I noticed the importance of the chain, can say, search engines, especially Baidu for the optimization of the rules, should be based on the analysis of the portal site, after all, the portal is the real leader in the development of the industry pioneer.

 So, how to build the inner chain of portal site?

  the construction of the inner chain starts from the content page. the content page here, for the portal, is the news page. We might as well open a news page of Sina, first of all, the navigation area is the most front of the chain, followed by the news page on the right and the bottom of the news recommended reading column, it is a huge internal chain system AH. In addition, do not ignore the news within the text of the link, especially the keyword link, it is also inside the chain AH. However, the individual is more disgusted with the form of Sina's text link, a few years ago is a blog link, the past two years is a link to Weibo, Pit dad Ah, this can attract a few clicks? Roar, Digression, digression.

second, the section page and the topic combination . such as Sina's portal, the channel and the section page is very important, on the one hand can subdivide the website content for several categories, on the other hand can let the website have the depth. and the channel page and most of the columns in more than 5 screen, accommodating a large number of information, the link, undoubtedly greatly increased the weight of the content page, and the content page in turn functions in the home page and the channel pages, the structure of the network chain, the construction has completed. At the same time, the Web site editors also timely focus on the issue of topical reports, and enhance the focus on the event-related content of the chain construction, so that it is difficult to occupy the forefront of search engines.

 third, high update rate to enhance the weight of the whole station . When the portal has a certain high weight, in order to be able to put the weight of the first page to all levels of pages, not only the home page to set the relevant column keywords and links, but also to develop strict editing norms, to improve the rate of Web site updates. Through constant updates, so that as many content pages have appeared in the home page, channel pages and column page opportunities to obtain a certain weight. It is understood that the Sina Network of channel editor, Day shift editor, night shifts editor three kinds, non-stop rotation, the cycle of the update of the content of the site, so that it is enough to support a huge portal network within the chain.

  the construction of the inner chain should start from the planning period . When we understand a network platform from the planning, development to content updates, SEO optimization, operational promotion and other processes, the more attention will be given to the planning work. Think about it, once we are in the planning stage of the site to do the above three-step within the chain construction work, detailed planning at all levels of the page structure and content, until the site on-line, through the huge chain network can get a certain weight. So I think the current Internet hottest career than the Web site Product planning category, such as Product manager, is really in short supply.

Through the above 4 steps inside the chain construction, basically solves the level page weight construction and the user Guidance transformation question, I thought this is also the inner chain for the king's essence, through this small text sharing, hoped can help those who want to really raise the conversion rate the child shoe. Finally ad at present I am responsible for the optimization of the website, 360 media www.360chuanmei.com, this article by Hawk original webmaster NET, reproduced please keep the above URL, thank you.

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