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A few days ago with you to share a little experience in the construction of the chain, it seems that we are not very cold. It seems that everyone is doing the operation of Kazakhstan, then I will chat with you today about the topic of the chain.

I am currently in charge of this real estate site, mainly to do Changchun second-hand housing and rental, as well as bank loans business, this platform in my planning stage, I did some function planning aspects of work, and then to enhance the content of the site and outside the chain. Next I will say how the real estate site in two weeks to achieve the chain to upgrade 3 times times.

As shown in the picture: Only two weeks outside the chain to increase twice times

One, the page adds the website, the content changes outside the chain

In each page, I will add the site URL, so, once the content is included in Baidu, the chain will grow with it, although the weight is low, can be with the site step-by-step development, the weight of the whole station to upgrade up, these outside the chain will be used for the home page, such a role similar to Snowball, the beginning is not easy, but once rolling up , the end will be more and more big roll. This truth, I believe a lot of stationmaster can agree.

second, the standard article edits the flow, publishes the real estate article

I set up a number of real estate in the site column, including the purchase of knowledge, industry dynamics, and then arrange an editor to publish 8 articles a day, knowledge of a variety of web site information sources, editing up also easier, on more publishing point, the industry dynamic is locked real estate information. In the editing process, strictly standardize the work flow, the title of the repetition rate must not exceed 5, the first end of two paragraphs must be original, the key words to add site links. Also, at the end of the article, add a line of text, as shown in the following illustration:


The above picture shows this paragraph, can play two functions: one is to increase the keyword and URL anchor text link, one is to strengthen the original article, improve the rate of Baidu collection. Through the above operation, as long as a junior clerk, you can achieve the article hundred cent by Baidu included.

third, improve the recommended reading column update rate

Baidu is included in the page, but also through the recommendation of the introduction of the continuous updating of the column to improve the weight of Baidu, so as to maximize the power of the chain. I am in the article page, set up "related news" and "buy a house common sense" two small columns, these two columns are automatically updated through the program, without manpower, you can make each page weight is constantly rolling. As a result, countless small snowball rolling, eventually converge into the home page this big snowball rolling. Until countless snowballs converge into a big avalanche, the ultimate goal of website optimization can be achieved.

four, soft text promotion, let reprint fly for a while

In the work of increasing the chain, the promotion of soft text is a very important work. Recently I wrote a few soft articles, in the major webmaster network to contribute, the success rate is higher, naturally reproduced a lot of some, although some lazy people in the middle of plagiarism I text, but are not insignificant, such webmaster, can rely on SEO to make a living, but can not grow into a good operator. I am here to give a temporary example of two published soft Wen: "Hawk: Inside the chain for Wang to see the portal site within the chain of construction", "on the real estate class site optimization of a little experience", although some soft wen did not go to the Webmaster Net home page, the number of reprint is still a lot

The above is my site outside the chain can be within two weeks of avalanche-like changes in the cause, through analysis, I think the site operation from planning to content, and then to the content and promotion of the process is closely linked, we do SEO at the same time, we must take into account the front several links, so as to become the best seo. In accordance with the Convention, the final ad, this article is 360 media (www.fbrw.net) Hawk original, webmaster Nets starting, reproduced please retain the above information, thank you.

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