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With the advent of the business science and technology era, the interaction between business and technology in the continuous upgrading of business results, but also inevitably brought about serious energy expenditure problems, including electricity and cooling energy consumption has become a large part of the enterprise IT expenditure. Among them, according to Storageio Group's research results, the current energy consumption of storage devices accounted for the entire data center hardware energy consumption of 37% to 40%. At the same time, the global climate gradually warming, energy crisis intensified, whether from the perspective of customer benefits or social responsibility, including green storage equipment, such as green data center has become the pursuit of customers, "green" has become a major market focus.

"Green is not really a marketing campaign, it's something that needs to be implemented by the user." Li Qingqiao, the product manager for HP Asia-Pacific and Japan's storage division, stressed that "since energy consumption has risen to a large part of it operating costs, making the budget even more tense, it innovation capability has been reduced accordingly." In addition, the Government is also in the regulation of environmental protection, although it is only just beginning, there will be a transition period, but perhaps 3 years later, is mandatory implementation. If you wait for enforcement, it will be a huge blow to the cost budget of it, so you might as well start early. There are already customers bidding for our products must conform to Rose (State of the Environment report). In fact, the EU has enforced rose, and the Chinese government will do so after a transitional period. So the IT elite on the market has also started to plan for the future green direction. ”

As the industry leader, Hewlett-Packard has reacted to this trend early, launching a new green storage device--hp Stroageworks EVA 4100/6100/8100, HP Stroageworks XP24000 and including HP StorageWorks LTO-4 Ultrium1840, including tape products. These environmentally responsible storage products, with their unprecedented green technology features, help customers build a green storage platform for a new generation of data centers from top to bottom, reduce costs, improve energy efficiency, and optimize business results.

Green storage Platform for DCM-based HP StorageWorks EVA4100/6100/8100

The HP storageworks EVA storage System breaks the time, space, and cost constraints of traditional storage arrays and is a modular, high-performance, high-capacity, high-availability "virtual" RAID storage solution. A 2006 study by Enterprise Strategy Group industry analyst showed that 55% of the end-users surveyed had idle their 30-50% storage capacity. To address this problem, dynamic capacity management software Dynamics Capacity Management (DCM) is used in the new generation of HP StorageWorks EVA4100/6100/8100 products to improve storage capacity utilization, eliminate idle capacity, Greatly reduced energy expenditure and carbon dioxide emissions.

Can DCM take advantage of Microsoft Windows? The new Virtual Disk Service (VDS) volume in Server 2008 shrinks features, continuously monitor storage utilization and automatically increase and decrease the size of the primary volume to meet the application data requirements, improve storage space utilization by one times, eliminate idle space, so that customers only need to buy the current disk capacity.

In this way, customers can save 45% of the cost of disk purchases. That means customers can save 135,000 of dollars in disk purchase costs for each EVA array storage product that uses 8TB. Not only that, the reduced number of disks also led to lower power and cooling energy consumption, saving up to 45% of energy expenditure for the enterprise. DCM is implemented on the controller's software that is firmware, EVA 4000/6000/8000 can also achieve dynamic capacity management through firmware upgrades. DCM was first developed by HP and will be supported by Microsoft's operating system, which is expected to be more widely used in storage products, reducing storage system acquisition and operating costs for more enterprises. At the same time, the virtual capacity-free Snapshot (VSNAP) technology used by the new generation of Eva products is different from the traditional snapshot technology, it will occupy the corresponding capacity only when there is a novel write operation. It saves up to 80% more energy than traditional full replication. In addition, EVA 4100/6100/8100 mixes high-performance drives with Low-cost, low-power FATA disks, enabling customers to save up to 75% of disk acquisition costs and save 50% of their energy consumption. Each 10TB of data moved from a high-performance drive to a FATA disk can save 2100 of dollars in energy expenditure each year.

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