HTML5 Online Learning Website recommendation, html5 online website recommendation

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HTML5 Online Learning Website recommendation, html5 online website recommendation

Because of the popularity of HTML5 and its powerful functions, more and more people are joining the study of HTML5. Of course, most people are learning through the Internet. HTML5 also has many teaching websites. What are HTML5 online learning websites? For more information, see the HTML5 Online Learning Website I recommend.

Learn HTML5 websites and blogs

No matter what language you want to learn, you must start with basic learning. If you are a beginner who knows nothing about HTML5, you must not miss the following websites. The website includes basic HTML5 tutorials, articles, and blogs. It not only contains code, but also contains many examples with simple steps.

1. W3Schools (provide your own ladder)

W3School is one of the best resources to learn HTML5. Its tutorials are provided with examples, which can solve almost all the knowledge points you need. If you want to learn HTML5 from the basics, this website will be a good choice. You can learn all the elements of HTML5, such as labels, images, and graphics. You only need to follow the tutorial steps, simple language interpretation and interaction make learning easy.

2. Html Goodies

Htmlgoodies is a good start if you want to watch quick HTML5 courses and obtain all the performance of HTML5 learning. On the left side of the website, you can see the detailed basics and tutorials of classification. Q & A, etc. You can quickly jump to the part you want to start learning.

3. HTML5-tutorial (provide your own ladder)

HTML5-tutorial can let you have a good start in a short time, here, you can understand the basic knowledge and key points of HTML5, how to build a website, edit and debug code for development and learning, it is suitable for beginners to get started.

4. HTML5 Doctor

The HTML5 Doctor website provides many excellent articles, which will help you better learn and implement HTML5 development. In addition to this feature, the website also has a "Ask the Doctor" section, where you can Ask experts and solve all your problems through their professional explanations.

5. Html5 Rocks (provide your own ladder)

If developers want to implement HTML5 on their websites and develop HTML5 coding, they should pay attention to the Html5 Rocks website. You can obtain all the HTML5 functions on this website and learn how to implement them on your website or application.

HTML5 free online video courses

From tutorials to tutorials, the HTML5 basic learning website has already been introduced. Next, we will recommend several HTML5 video tutorial websites. structured courses and videos will keep you updated. These websites have high-quality videos, exercises, forums, and post-course certifications.

6. Alison

Alison is a good online platform for free to learn HTML5. The HTML5 courses provided above allow you to gradually learn how to design, build, and launch Web pages. You will get high-quality videos and continuous learning time. You can also arrange HTML5 learning at your own pace.

7. Udacity

This is another good online learning platform. Whether you are a beginner or a developer with an intermediate level, it provides you with HTML5 canvas and game development courses. If you are interested, try again.

8. thenewboston

On thenewboston, you can find a free HTML5 video course. This website has a collection of good programming video courses, such as Adobe, Java, and C ++. In computer science, you can find HTML5 programming and get some HTML5, canvas, and video player tutorials, which are free of charge.

Online learning HTML5 programming advanced tutorial

Through free tutorials, blogs, and videos, we have gained basic and comprehensive HTML5 programming knowledge. It is time to gain an in-depth understanding of HTML5 programming skills through advanced HTML5 video tutorials. After a lot of practices, I discovered these websites. You can use high-end programming on HTML5 for projects, quizzes, and applications to learn advanced HTML5.

9. Eduonix

If you do not mention learning HTML5, we will really miss Eduonix. This is an excellent online platform. You can find all Web and mobile development technologies. Eduonix's HTML5 programming project course is a major resource for developers to improve their HTML skills through 10 projects and tests.

10. Udemy

On this platform, no matter what type of programmer you are, you can come in to learn HTML5 and other programming languages. Here, we will use interactive videos to learn HTML5. Of course, we will also have relevant certifications after learning. On Udemy, you can find HTML5-based project courses to improve your skills in Web design. You only need to register and register for a course on Udemy to enjoy the video lecture.

11. Webucator

The Webucator website provides on-site training courses, private training, group training and self-learning courses to perform advanced training on your HTML5 skills. However, you need to pay a high fee, but there will always be a return if you pay.


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