IBM Cognos BI and IBM WebSphere 8 set up environment deployment

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Introduction to IBM Cognos 10 business intelligence software

IBM Cognos 10 Business intelligence Software (Business Intelligence) is a Business analytics software based on service-oriented architecture in IBM's many Business analytics software. It integrates the functions of report, analysis, dashboard and scorecard to provide accurate and detailed information to different decision-makers and managers in time.

Reporting function: Provide decision-makers with the detailed information they need to make decisions.

Dashboard Features: Interactive use to help users customize decisions through personalization.

Analytics: Enables users to access information from multiple perspectives and aspects to help users make decisions.

Collaboration capabilities: Includes communication tools and social networks to facilitate the exchange of ideas in the decision-making process.

Scorecard functionality: Automates capture, management, and monitoring of business metrics and compares the business metrics to strategic and operational objectives.

IBM Cognos BI Architecture

The IBM Cognos BI platform is designed and built on the basis of a service-oriented open architecture to meet the business intelligence deployment needs of large enterprises. IBM Cognos delivers all of the BI features on the following three levels:

Demo Layer: Handles all user interactions in a WEB environment

Application tier: Contains dedicated services for performing all BI processing

Data tier: can be used to access a variety of data sources.

Figure 1. IBM Cognos BI Architecture diagram

IBM Cognos BI Installation Requirements

If you want to deploy IBM Cognos BI on the IBM Power server, first check to see if your IBM Power server hardware resources and related software versions meet the installation requirements. Table 1 lists the disk space and memory size required for IBM Cognos BI to be deployed on the IBM power server. Table 2 lists the software and the corresponding version required to deploy IBM Cognos BI.

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