IBM Cognos Bi charts basic

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IBM Cognos Bi contains the following types of graphs:

Column charts: the number of columns in a column chart (column chart ).

Line charts: line chart (line chart)

Pie charts: Pie Chart

Bar Charts: a histogram that uses the width and height of a rectangle to represent the frequency distribution.

Area Chart: Area Chart

Point charts: point chart

Scatter charts: scatter chart

Bubble charts: Bubble chart

Bullet charts: Bullet chart

Gauge charts: Dial chart

Ropcharts: A ropmap

Progressive charts: waterfall chart

Quadrant charts: Quadrant chart

Marimekko charts

Radar charts: Radar chart

Win-loss charts

Polar charts: Polar chart

Baseline and Trend Line

The baseline is horizontal or vertical and runs through the chart. It shows the main distinction in data.

The trend line shows the trend of the data sequence, which is often used for data prediction.

What does each graph mean and how to draw it? You need to learn more!


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