IBM Cognos TM1 Experience: Cognos TM1 10.1.0 Installation whole process

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Cognos TM1 is a powerful multidimensional Analysis application for IBM, and in the entire IBM Business Analysis and optimization family, Cognos TM1 is positioned for business scenarios such as enterprise planning, budgeting, performance, leveraging its powerful real-time multidimensional memory database computing capabilities, as well as enhancements to Excel's powerful support capabilities, So that it can completely make up for large enterprises ERP for flexible financial planning process neglect, as well as inefficient application implementation. By customizing the financial application process with Excel as the client, preserving the financial usage, and storing all the data uniformly in the Cognos TM1 multidimensional database of Excel backend, when the financial planning, budget, performance analysis needs occur, the flexible drilling, slicing and other multidimensional analysis are effective. Quickly analyze data, model business requirements, and collaborate on plans, budgets, and forecasts to uncover potential business choices and optimize performance.

The history of Cognos TM1

-In 1984, Tables Management 1, Sinper Corp., the first TM1 version, stand-alone version support Multi-cube

-1989, the first client/server version

-1992, Launch Cube rules (calculation rules)

-1996, incorporated into the Applix company, launched the UNIX version

-In 1998, TM1 7.0 launched an object-oriented interface; application of multithreading (multithreading) technology

-2000, Turbo Integrator (ETL tool)

-In 2002, TM1 8.0 released the first interface, cell security, odbo MDX, dynamic subset

-In 2003, in the TM1 8.2 version, the 64bit version completely solved the 3GB memory limit

-2005, the new 9.0 version, the redesign of the 64bit Server, the new WEB interface, application management

-In 2006, Temtec Executive Viewer,thick Web client was acquired

-2007, acquired by Cognos

-2008, acquired by IBM, TM1 version 9.4, Unicode, perfect support for Chinese, integrated C8 BI

-In 2009, TM1 9.5, the Cognos planning function

-201X year, version 10

Cognos TM1 10.1.0 Architecture

In the software package, the components of the Cognos TM1 are as follows:

Figure 1. Technical framework of Cognos TM1

-turbo Integrator: TM1 Data Integration engine, ETL tool, can data processing in both directions, and built-in SAP's set builder.

-tm1 OLAP Server: A real-time analysis engine, based on memory technology, can handle complex business rules and support read and write operations, as well as muti-cube.

-tm1 Excel: TM1 Server's Excel client can provide interactive reports, drillthrough, what-if, and data sharing functions.

-tm1 Web: The Tm1/excel Web browser interface.

-tm1 Executive Viewer: an executive viewer designed for advanced users.

-tm1 Workflow: TM1 Real-time workflow engine, professional workflow engine, and support for complex workflow customization.

-TM1 API: support JAVA,. Net, VB, C, C + +, MDX

Components of the new Cognos TM1

-tm1 Operations Console: provides a new component that administrators use, which requires a java-based WEB application Server for configuration and deployment.

-TM1 Performance Modeler: A model that provides developers with the ability to build and plan analysis in a Cognos TM1 environment, similar to the Cognos TM1 Architect.

-cognos Insight: Cognos Desktop analytics Applications can be provided to business analysts for rapid analysis and result interaction, and are routed to business managers, and the Cognos Insight supports writeback, which can be used to collect goals and forecasts.

Cognos TM1 Server Installation

Note: before the Cognos TM1 installation, you need to verify the environment, this is very important, but also the biggest reason for many installation errors, IBM Cognos TM1 32-bit 10.1.1 Microsoft Windows Multilingual (CIA5ZML) installation needs to confirm that the following components are already available:

-mircrosoft Excel

-microsoft Visual C + + SP1 Redistributable Package

-microsoft. NET 3.5 SP1 Framework

-microsoft Chart Controls for Microsoft. NET Framework 3.5

Figure 2. Setup program

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