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After learning the framework, I began to learn transformer, and just started to encounter some difficulties, mainly in the time dimension, unique name, IQD and so on.

Because the function points are written out will appear very messy, feel no front framework and security write good. Unlike when you write a package and so on, it is shunliu to write it down in one step.

As a simplified version of User Guide, in general, we can help you to learn from the individual.
Novice on the road, please make lots of bricks.

The contents are as follows, please download the attachment:

1. Transformer introduction.6

2. Install and Configure.6

3. Interface of Transformer6

1) Dimension MAP.6

2) Data sources.7

3) measures.7

4) diagrams.7

5) Other lists.8

4. Planning Your Model8

1) Dimensional Modeling workflowz.8

2) Additional Data Modeling tips.8

5. Panel tools.9

1) Show Category Count9

2) Data Source Viewer9

3) autodesign.10

4) Date wizard.10

5) Show reference.11

6) Check Model11

7) Generate categories.12

8) Create powercubes.12

6. Data Sources for Your Model12

1) Data sources can be one of the Following:12

2) Techniques for designing Data sources.12

3) Data Source types.12

4) IBM Cognos package.13

5) Use List reports.13

6) Impromptu Query Definition File (IQD) 13

7) Other datasource.13

7. Create a Model by package.14

8. Create a Model by Report19

9. Create a Model by IQD. 20

1) General the IQD file from framework.20

2) Create a Cube by IQD. 24

3) Create a signon.24

Ten. dimension.26

1) Conformed dimensions.26

2) IBM Cognos business keys.26

3) Member Unique names.26

4) Create a New dimension.26

5) Importing dimensional packages.26

6) Importing time Dimensions from packages.26

7) Add Manual levels to a dimension.27

One. Data source.27

1) Change a Data Source type.27

2) Add a Data Source to an Existing Model27

3) Using multiple Data Sources in Your Model27

4) Synchronize Columns with Your Data source.28

5) Modify The SQL Query in an IQD Data source.29

6) Data Source scope.29

A) level Derived directly.29

b) Level Derived indirectly.30

c) level Derived from a Source with Missing columns.30

7) Control When the Source Data is read.30

8) Isolation levels for an IQD Data source.31

9) Folders and shortcuts in imported packages.33

Ten) Handling Model changes.33

One) Rollup Aggregate settings.33


1) Define a calculated column.34

2) Using Calculated Query items.34

Prompts in report Data sources.35

1) Edit Existing prompts in IBM Cognos Reports andpackages.35

2) Multiply prompts for reports.35


1) Create Categories manually.36

2) Create Calculated categories.36

3) Order Categories within levels.37

4) Drill-down paths.38

5) Setting up the time dimension.39

6) Setting up Relative time categories.39

7) Create a New special category.40


1) Creating powercubes.41

2) Create a single powercube.41

3) Create a Cube group.41

4) Verify Your Model42

5) Publish a powercube.42

6) Exclude Measures from a cube.44

7) Omit Dimensions from a cube.45

8) Build A subset of Your Cube Data for testing purposes.46

9) Update the PowerCube metadata.46

) Check Cube status.47

) Update Cubes incrementally.47

customizing Cube Content with views.48

1) Category Actions in diagrams.48

A) exclude.48

b) cloak.49

c) suppress.49

D) apex.49

e) summarize.49

2) Create a Dimension View. 50

3) Omit Categories Using suppress.50

4) Omit Categories Using cloak.51

5) Omit Categories Using exclude.52

6) Omit descendant Categories Using summarize.53

7) Omit Categories Using apex.54

Adding security.55

1) Create member-based security.56

A) Create a custom view and add membership.56

b) Add limitations on dimensions and measures.57

c) Add The custom view to the cube.58

d) Step to Remove Obsolete Security objects.60

e) Union of Custom views.61

f) Test the member-based security.61

2) Create password-protected cubes.64


1) IQD miss the Data connection.65

2) Only list report could is the data source.65 3) Unique Name 66

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