IBM released Cognos 10's first integrated social network collaboration and analysis feature

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Today, IBM announced the release of the new software Cognos 10, which combines the most advanced business analysis and optimization capabilities to meet the needs of today's evolving working models. Cognos 10 integrates social collaboration and analysis capabilities so that users can access a single and friendly user interface through online methods, even mobile devices such as Ipad, iphone, and blackberry, real-time intelligence. Cognos 10 is the most important analysis product launched by IBM since its acquisition of Cognos. It is also the first time that IBM has integrated the rapidly developing mobile office and social network collaboration technologies into new products, by 2013, it is expected that this work style will cover more than 1.19 billion people and have broad development prospects.

At the same time, the IBM Business Analysis product portfolio has emerged with a brand new look. They are closer to the technologies of People's Daily applications, including supporting new mobile devices and integrating social network features, to achieve faster and more collaborative decisions. According to a recent IBM Study of 1,900 CFOs, the revenue growth rate of an analysis-driven organization is 33% higher than that of other organizations, and the return on capital is 32% higher. It is predicted that mobile transactions will increase by 40 times by 2015. The increased data transmission rate and speed will lead to more IT opportunities for business analysis and optimization. When this opportunity is combined with the unprecedented growth of mobile employees, it means that enterprises will have the opportunity to own borderless offices and parse Intelligent Analysis results to better interact with customers.

In the context of the booming mobile network and social networking websites, Cognos 10 perfectly integrates the social collaboration capability of Lotus Connections software with Cognos business analysis for the first time, provides an integrated and simplified user experience with intuitive navigation capabilities. You can view historical information and real-time updates provided by the software to fully understand the business development trend. At the same time, Cognos 10 supports a seamless view of browsing, investigation, and decision making, making the path quite natural and smooth, so that users will not interrupt their thinking because they get different information and constantly switch the view.

Currently, with Cognos 10, users can benefit from extensive viewing of information, from simple real-time information to advanced predictive hypothesis analysis. This integrated social network feature with analysis enables enterprise employees to interact with communities, wikis, and blogs in real time. In addition, Cognos 10 frees you from the traditional form of reporting and graph analysis, instead of providing more interactive design and comprehensive analysis and insight. It provides built-in images and videos to guide users and make analysis easier. Commercial users can now get real-time insights at any time in a simple and easy-to-use way. These new features will affect the way all commercial users interact with their teams, partners, managers, and customers around the world. For example, in the decision-making process, people will naturally generate ideas and reference relevant knowledge, but this occasional spark is very easy to lose in meeting notes, processes and emails. Now, this combination promotes the exchange of ideas and knowledge. Users can initiate activities and engage others with their expertise to publish information, links, and discuss or view opinions in real time, to achieve faster and more accurate decisions.

For example, the regional sales manager and the store manager and the sales team can discover a huge increase in sales of a pair of popular shoes at the same time, manage supply and demand issues. If doctors discover the development trend of certain diseases, they can share insights with other doctors and work with other doctors to develop preventive action guidelines and treatment plans, there is no need to change the software view to obtain in-depth information. When the brand manager sees a decline in product sales, he can discuss the issue with the store manager, production department, and marketing team-and discuss it with all of them at the same time. He can instantly establish a decision-making network, connect relevant people and information, exchange opinions and obtain opinions.

Now, IBM is continuing to expand its billions of dollars in business analysis and optimization. Over the past five years, IBM has invested more than $14 billion in 24 analysis-related acquisitions. Today, over 7,000 IBM Business consultants are dedicated to the field of analysis.

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