Impact light background commonly used in Photoshop design and production posters-PS tutorial

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This tutorial mainly uses Photoshop to create a brilliant shock wave explosion effect. yesterday, I was stunned by the big flicker. I took the time to see the cool effect of the explosion made by a high-cold netizen, unfortunately, there is no tutorial, but I just used two filters in the wind and polar coordinates. this tutorial mainly uses Photoshop to create a brilliant shock wave explosion effect. yesterday, I was overwhelmed by big scams, take the time to see a high-cold netizen produced by the explosion of dazzling effect, instantly shocked so cool, but unfortunately there is no tutorial, just said that the use of wind and polar coordinates two filters.

The following is a manual tutorial on creating a filter without using materials or external filters:
1. open PS, no version restrictions, create a document, and use a shape tool to select a path to draw a circle path;
"Round ~ Round ~ Moon face ~ (Expose age and face )"

2. select the paint brush tool, set parameters in the paint brush preset, and make your own adjustments. this is very interesting.

3. click the stroke path under the path

4. copy the layer, zoom and flip, and change the transparency. the universe is invincible, and the stars are everywhere. do you feel this powerful shock wave energy.

5. hide the layers and join the cold Palace to find new ones. Create a layer to pull a gradient

6. add noisy colors and make particles more irritating.

7. the wind is blowing

8. if the wind is not enough, you still need to be dynamic and fuzzy.

9. change the position to 90 degrees, and use polar coordinates for the blank face.

10. then, it's like traveling through the time-space tunnel-how to get back to the past and never fear that it will never come again.

11. adjust the brightness

12. add color

13. recall the bid from the Yiye temple, so that she can be happy with the explosion ~ Moda

14. Complete, happy red with good wishes, plus new skills get, you can not be excited likes.

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