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Hello everyone, I am Chengzhou. Recently has been concerned about the site's internal optimization skills, personal understanding is: do the internal optimization, the most important can be divided into two parts of the construction, one is for search engine internal optimization, improve search engine retrieval quality optimization, one is for the internal optimization of users, to provide users with the most convenient and efficient access way, The best and most authoritative information content. And the whole two aspects we can organize called the quality of the site, a site by the site of all the internal composition, so do a good job inside the site optimization, in fact, is to improve the quality of Web site, which is today I want to share the theme: how to improve the quality of the Web page.

In Google's AdWords, there is an article on the quality of a lot of suggestions on the web, personally think that very useful role. Here's what Google says:

Google in the macro-guide to our proposal is to improve the content of the site's relevance, originality, transparency, convenience, etc. to improve the quality of the Web page, indeed a bit macro, the actual operation of what we can do is not a lot, and these things in the construction station when we basically do, Some of the specific optimization, although also around these macro-theory, but need to do the work is different. The following specific to you to talk about the specific operation:

1, the relevance of the use of TF-IDF

If you have not heard of TF-IDF weighting technology, we suggest that we hurry to learn, which is the key to the relevance of the use of keywords in the Web page role. TF-IDF is a statistical method used to assess the importance of a key word for a file set or one of the documents in a corpus. The importance of a keyword increases in proportion to the number of times it appears in the file, but decreases inversely as it appears in the corpus. Therefore, it is not necessarily the number of keywords appearing in the Web page more high must be higher, to take into account the two factors. For example, the term "we" and "everyone" appears very high in the entire corpus, synthesis may be the frequency of keywords appear on the importance of a single page is very small, but it is our Beijing Construction station Company "new league" This word in the entire Web page appears frequency not too much, Then in the station more layout of the new league Zhi state is conducive to highlighting the importance of the site, the relevance is done very well.

2, the convenience of the site for the optimization of the front-end

Convenience lies in ease of use. A lot of sites we went in looking for a long time can not find what they want, or already have, but can not better show to the user, this is a very bad thing, or meet a very good point of view, very good information to share without these features, it is not to say that the site is relatively unpleasant. There are a few things we can do about this:

A, the installation of Jiathis tools, Baidu to share or casual you, but must give users such a tool, now Baidu more focus on user interaction, the more users to disseminate our content, search engines will be better for our site evaluation.

B, optimize the page, starting from the code, and then to the server side, we must speed up the user's opening speed, so that users quickly find what they want, can also make spiders crawl more quickly.

Today, because of the space problem, we have only talked about two aspects, also talk about the relatively shallow, such as transparency of the company's information on the display of these are very good in the station to transform the means of upgrading, especially the service-oriented industry for the contact must be conspicuous, so that users more quickly find us, the original degree of fully grasp the quality of information, It's OK to do micro-innovation again. Friends who want to communicate with me can add my qq:843745641.

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