IOS push to receive no notification

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IOS push to receive no notification

First, the general steps

1, verify that your application has been correctly configured on the Apple Developer website APNs, and download the installation of the APNS certificate;

2, please use the equipment to test push. The simulator is not able to get the device token, so it cannot be bound and, of course, it cannot be pushed. When the above prerequisites are met, check the following steps: 1. Confirm that modifying the Api_key in the registration interface is the correct application; 2. Correctly call Bindchannel, and successfully return AppID, UserID and Channelid, and AppID please confirm that the application is correct;

3, in the management interface of the push settings, successfully uploaded. Pem format APNs Development certificate and Production certificate (only test development version can not require a production certificate, PEM certificate size of about 4K, and fileencoding must be UTF8);

4. Registration interface (+ (void) RegisterChannel: (nsdictionary *) launchoptions apikey: (NSString *) Apikey Pushmode: (bpushmode) mode Withfirstaction: (NSString *) leftaction withsecondaction: (NSString *) rightaction withcategory: (NSString *) category Isdebug: (BOOL) isdebug), if the test development version, please set Bpushmode to Bpushmodedevelopment, the production version set to Bpushmodepruduction;

5, after modifying the configuration, please uninstall the application reinstall;

6, iOS push only to support the notification, and in the push notification, please check correctly the push is the development mode or production mode;

7, if in your application also can not push, please first use the SDK with the demo to debug, reconfirm 1~6 step.

Second, Xcode run the program, the background display has been pushed successfully, but the front-end still did not receive notification.

When the test, if the background display has been pushed but the front end is still not received notice swollen do.

1, the background application configuration set for production status, send notice also select production status;

2, App End Interface registration is also configured into a formal online environment;

You can then receive a notification on the app side.


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