IPhone 4 flash and jailbreak on MAC (2) Remote Mac login to iPhone and password Modification

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The above focuses on the flash and the next step is jailbreak (this article is applicable to the situations where the above mentioned prerequisites are met, and other future versions may not be applicable, so the participants may consider it)

I. Preparation

1. Connect the iPhone to the Mac and then shut down

2. Press and hold the open key for 3 seconds, jump out of the white apple, and release it.

Ii. Jailbreak

1. Open Red Snow and click jailbreak.

2. Click Next to go to the "three steps of DFU" mentioned in the previous article"

3. After a series of progress bars, go to the following page

If you have just upgraded to iOS 5.0.1 and have never escaped, you can check this option. Click Next to go to the next step.

(Note: If you are a user whose version 5.0.1 is not completely jailbroken, or you have already exceeded it, you need to remove the check box before "Install cydia,No longer install cydia;

If you need to enable the multitasking gesture, check the 4th enable multitask gestures)

4. There are a series of progress bars, and the mobile phone is refreshed with full screen text. Then there is a pineapple progress bar. After restarting, A cydia software appears on the desktop, and the jailbreak is successful.

Iii. After jailbreak (very important)

1. cydia crash

If the language of the iPhone is set to simplified Chinese, the flash will crash when you use cydia for search.

Solution: click "set"-"multi-language environment"-"language" and set it to "English ".

Of course, unless the English environment is used, the symptoms will not be solved, and the corresponding flashback patch will be available in the subsequent steps.

2. Add Source

Click "cydia-" manage tag-"sources-" edit-"add ".

Enter two sources in sequence:Apt.weiphone.com andApt.178.com, click Add source to add

These two sources have many resources available for download after jailbreak

3. InstallAppsync for iOS 5.0 + patch

IPA synchronization patch. After installation, the cracking software can be synchronized to the iOS device through iTunes.

Search for appsync for iOS 5.0 + in the search box of cydia, select Weifeng's patch, and install-> confirm

4. Flashback patch

Search for "ios5cydia Chinese crash fix patch" and install the first Article Source (178.com) package.

(There is another way to copy the entire keyboard folder in the/private/var/mobile/library directory to the/private/var/root/library directory)

5. Modify the remote login password of the iPhone (very important, all of which are next topicRemote Mac login to iPhone and password modification are described in detail)


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