IPhone 5s/5c screen malfunction how screen failure solution

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What about the Q:iphone 5s screen malfunction? Apple 5s screen failure reason

A:iphone 5s full release, a user reflected in the use of a period of time found that the IPhone 5s screen failure, although a period of time will be automatically restored, but screen failure is very affecting the day-to-day use. So what about the iphone 5s screen failure? What is the response, what is the cause of the Apple 5s screen failure?

iphone 5s screen Failure solution It is understood that the iphone 5 also often appear screen failure, but the iphone 4S is not. In contrast to the latter's display, the iphone 5/ipod Touch has also used In-cell technology (removing the glass layer to reduce the screen thickness) in addition to the size increase, which is the first time the iphone and ipod touch used the same display design. One wonders, perhaps, that In-cell technology is the culprit behind screen failures.

There are many ways to solve the iphone 5s screen failure, and then share a few common tips and solutions:

1, the lock screen state long press the home key to enable voice control, and then said "play Music", Play songs touch function recovery.

2, waiting for the phone does not power automatic shutdown, and then recharge the boot can resume touch screen operation.

3, IPhone 5s connection itunes, upgrade the latest version of the iOS system after the touch screen function will be restored.

IPhone 5s Burst quality problem appears screen flower screen

Small series in micro-blog search "iphone5s", "flower screen" words, did not find too many flower screen case. When the iPhone5 is on sale, there are various problems such as the purple door, the bending door, the painting door and so on, and now the 5s only a few cases can be understood. In addition, it seems not surprising that there are some problems with the first iphone.

Finally, we also tell you that such a problem, in fact, can go to the Apple Store detection, replacement of equipment. Users feel that such a machine, you should not be self-sufficient in favor of repair, must be in the warranty period, find Apple Store replacement, repair.

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