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Companies use Jira to distribute tasks, and each jira is equivalent to a task. Can be sent by the team leader (assign) a jira to you, you can also find Jira to do.

Because the company is a foreign enterprise, the use of products are in English, so just start contact with Jira, it is inevitable rush, now is familiar with some, here to record a simple application of Jira.

The following figure is a new Jira:

When we're going to start doing this jira, click Start Progress and select designing

Then the status of this jira becomes in-progress,resolution and becomes designing, and when we find the root cause of the problem that Jira describes or cannot reproduce the bug described by the Jira, we need to click on resolve Issue, and set the state and add the Jira to the comment

The next step is to send the Jira back to your owner, your leader.

In addition, you can also choose Log work to record the time you spend on this jira every day.

In our company, Jira is used with confluence piece, when resolve a jira, need to write a confluence through the Jira PS, that is, the program design specifications, in PS explain the jira you find the reason for the bug reported , and how to fix this bug (what file to modify, how to write clearly), when your leader agree with your idea, will jira assign to you.

At this point, to create a sub-task for this JIRA, that is, the creation of a coding JIRA, this coding JIRA is to give you coding write code, modify files used, that is, you previously stated in PS of the solution; In fact, this coding The Jira operation is the same as the previous Jira.

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