Jmeter-Installing Jmeter in a Linux environment-install Jmeter in a Windows environment

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When you are finished configuring the environment for JMeter to run, you can start installing JMeter. Why tell you to "install JMeter in a Linux system" and tell you to "install JMeter in a Windows system"? Because the steps to build 1 test plans are: (1) First, build 1 Test plans (2) within the Windows JMeter Graphical window and then upload the built-in test plan to the Linux System test machine (3) Finally, in the Linux system tester, Using JMeter for performance testing that is, we use JMeter on Windows and Linux computers. So, here's the problem. If I do not step (2) (3), do only step (1). Is that OK? A: Of course you can. But because the jmeter itself to the machine loss of large (local windowsxp too weak), so we use the Linux test machine. And sometimes you need to use 2 Linux testing machines to complete performance testing. In summary, the purpose of performing a performance test is to pass the test script on your local windows and then throw it to the remote Linux test machine. To perform the modification of the test script on Windows, just perform this test script installation in LinuxJmeterInstall Jmeter on the Windows operating system

Jmeter Help documentation:

Jmeter :

1, you need to go to Jmeter official website Download Jmeter to Local

2, install Jmeter, unzip to local (any directory can), such as I downloaded it to:"E:\Jmeter\ apache-jmeter-2.11 ".

3. Setting Environment variables

(1) in the system variable (can also be in " user variable " ) New variable name "Jmeter_home", the value of the variable is:"E:\Jmeter\ apache-jmeter-2.11; ".

(2) modify the "CLASSPATH"and add the following content:




4, the way to run JMeter is directly double-click Open E:\Jmeter\apache-jmeter-2.11\bin\jmeter.bat can.

5, for the convenience of use, direct right button "Jmeter.bat" sent to the desktop shortcut.

Install Jmeter on Linux operating system

Jmeter Help documentation:

Jmeter :

1, you need to go to Jmeter official website to download Jmeter to local (for example, I downloaded the Jmeter installation files to Windows)

2, then upload to the Linux test machine

(1) start Xshell

(2) connect to a Linux test machine

(3) Enter your own directory (/home/username)

(4) by command "RZ", execute " upload Windows Jmeter installation file to Linux test Machine" " the operation

3. Unzip the Jmeter installation file

Unzip this Jmeter installation file by command "unzip"

If "Unzip" is executed when the system prompts you to not install the Unzip command on this test machine, what should I do?

So, first you need to install unzip This command, how to install? Please perform aptitude install unzip for installation. And then execute "Unzip" .

4 . Perform the " Enter to Jmeter bin directory " operation by Command "CD"

5, in the bin directory, you can see the "JMeter" this file. Then, if you are performing a performance test, simply enter the "./jmeter–n–t test Plan . Jmx" on the command line to achieve " using jmeter in Linux " The performance Test " operation.

There are, however, N Prerequisites:

(1) If the permissions are insufficient, you can increase the permissions for the Jmeter file. (Example: Command "chmod 777 JMeter")

(2) you need to put " test plan . Jmx" (I named the test plan file: testplanforlinux.jmx) file uploaded to Jmeter Bin in Directory

(3) if " parametric data "is involved, then you need to upload the " parameterized data . csv" file to the bin of Jmeter . within the directory. // (3) refers to the concept of parameterized data, and subsequent documentation touches it

6, demonstration in Linux using Jmeter to do performance testing // in order to see the above configuration, whether it can be used

Jmeter-Installing Jmeter in a Linux environment-install Jmeter in a Windows environment

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