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Recently, when maintaining a back-end system, I encountered a pit: the date control in the background system uses the jquery UI DatePicker.

This control generates a Z-index = 1 for the date selection box. Here's the problem. There are many z-index on the page that are larger than 1 tags. I searched the internet and found that a lot of people have encountered the same problem. There are basically two ways of solving the problem.

Below I combine demo, look together.

We first follow the jquery UI datepicker API documentation (address I don't write, should be able to search) write a basic demo,body code as follows:

1 <Body>2  3 <P>Date:<inputtype= "text"ID= "DatePicker"style= "position:relative;"></P>4 <Divstyle= "position:relative; width:200px; height:300px;">5   <Pstyle= "position:absolute; z-index:10;top:2px;left:50px;">Ha ha! Can't Stop me!!</P>6   7 </Div>8    <Script>9   $(function() {Ten $( "#datepicker"). DatePicker ({}); One   }); A   </Script> -   - </Body>

The effect is as follows:

You see? Our date control does not block the <p> haha in the page! Can't Stop me!! </p>

Opening the debugger we found that the z-index of <p> was 10, while the z-index of the date control was only 1.

And after I manually modify the control pop-up, it is only then valid, click on the space (close the control), again trigger the control display, the control Z-index is 1.

There are two ways to do this online:

Method 1: Delay Modify Style

DatePicker has a callback function--beforeshow:function (input) {}, and parameter input is the input that triggers the date control. Unfortunately, you cannot get the generated control form. However, the control has a id= "Ui-datepicker-div" (the control comes with the default). We use this ID in this callback to delay processing:

1 $ ("#datepicker" ). DatePicker ({2       function3         SetTimeout (function4           $ (' #ui-datepicker-div '). CSS ("Z-index",  5         },6      7     });


It seems that Method 1 is valid, but when there are multiple instances on the page, is it reliable to use the ID? Let's take a look at Method 2

Method 2: Why is Z-index equal to 1?

Analyze the source code of the DatePicker, the Z-index value of the pop-up date selection box is: $ (input). ZIndex () + 1. Continue parsing the $.zindex () function (in the Jquery-ui.js file) and discover that when input's CSS position value is absolute, fixed, or relative, the value returned by the $.zindex () function is the input CSS The Z-index value.

For example: <input type= "text" name= "add_date" id= "Add_date" style= "z-index:10;position:relative;" value= ""/> This setting, The Z-index value of the Jquery-ui DatePicker date selection box that pops up is set to 11.

The code is as follows: Set the z-index of input

1 < P > Date:<type= "text"  ID= "DatePicker"  style  = "POSITION:RELATIVE;Z-INDEX:20;" ></ P >
1 $ ("#datepicker"). DatePicker ({});

Look at the effect:

Method 2 is valid, but Method 2 also has a problem, if there is another date control, its z-index is 11 (10+1) of the shell may not block this input.

Of course we can change the z-index increment at the time of input MouseEnter, the mouseleave time is decreasing.

1 function () {2       $ (this). AddClass ("BEFOREDP"); 3     function () {4       $ (this). Removeclass ("BEFOREDP"); 5     }). DatePicker ();

This intentionally does not set the input style, see the effect is still valid.

JQuery UI datepicker z-index default to 1 how to handle

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