Juniper Infrastructure Firewall System Solution

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The problems that customers face

Organizations cannot tolerate attacks in the network spreading to all sensitive resources of the company. Businesses want to be able to quickly identify, control, and eliminate attacks to ensure that network resources are not compromised or compromised. To further refine perimeter firewalls and protect the internal network from increasingly complex types of attacks, including attacks that hide in network traffic or attacks that completely bypass security precautions (such as through stolen laptops), businesses need to secure security within their infrastructure. Infrastructure firewalls enable organizations to segment the network, prevent unauthorized roaming, and minimize corruption in the event of an attack. Intrusion prevention devices can further refine and supplement firewalls because they can detect and discard application-level attacks in network traffic to avoid impacting the network.

Juniper Network Company Infrastructure Firewall solution

Juniper Network Company's dedicated security device is designed to provide enterprises with comprehensive network infrastructure protection capabilities. The Juniper Network Company's firewalls can provide attack control capabilities to prevent DOS and other known attacks from damaging network resources. Organizations can use the Juniper Network Company's firewall to segment the network, and then enforce security policies between different network segments to ensure that only authorized users can access specific resources. The Juniper Network Company's products are tightly integrated with the VPN solution to encrypt data on any interface to protect internal traffic and enforce user authentication on both the wired and wireless network boundaries. Juniper Network Corporate Solutions offer a wide range of virtualization features, including virtual systems, virtual routers, and virtual LANs (VLANs) that enable effective network segmentation, control, and connectivity without deploying dozens of or even hundreds of firewalls. With up to 12Gbps throughput, the Juniper Network company's products are fully able to meet or exceed the total throughput requirements of the network, so enterprises can even compress multiple firewalls into one firewall, thereby further simplifying and enhancing network security. As an essential network component, the Juniper Network corporate firewall provides an extremely high availability for the enterprise and can interoperate with existing network infrastructures. Juniper Network Company's firewall/VPN solution can be deployed with the NETSCREEN-IDP of Juniper Network company. NETSCREEN-IDP is the first intrusion protection product capable of detecting applications, networks, and mixed attacks, and discarding malicious traffic to avoid adverse effects. The Juniper Network Company's devices can be managed through a juniper centralized management system that minimizes the time required to install, deploy, and maintain the solution.


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