Kali artistic thinking map for Linux penetration Testing

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Kali Linux is a comprehensive penetration testing platform with advanced tools that can be used to identify, detect, and exploit undetected vulnerabilities in the target network. With Kali Linux, you can apply the appropriate test methodology based on defined business objectives and scheduled test plans to achieve the desired penetration test results.
This book uses a gradual approach to explain cutting-edge hacking tools and techniques that help improve the reader's practical skills in penetration testing.   This book provides all the necessary lab preparation and testing processes to reflect real-world attack scenarios from a business perspective. The contents of this book:
Set up a test environment for Kali Linux by installing, configuring, running, and upgrading core system components;
Perform the regular Kali Linux testing methodology;
Define goals based on clear test requirements, limits, business objectives, and scheduled test plans;
Practice using a large number of security tools in Kali Linux;
Exercises include forensics, discovery, enumeration, vulnerability mapping, social engineering, exploit, power-up, and maintenance of access to the target, among other things;
Record test results in a formal reporting structure and report and present the test results to the appropriate authorities. Here is my mind map of this book, only for your reference to study, thank you.

Kali artistic thinking map for Linux penetration Testing

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