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Every day, we turn on the first thing is open Foxmail receipt letter, and then open QQ to see Friends of the message ..., but every day to repeat these fixed operations, is also a bit tired of it? Oh, "Key Wizard" is a keyboard and mouse macro processing software, we can use it to make keyboard and mouse action script, so as to achieve the automatic implementation of a series of keyboard and mouse operation functions.
Here we do an automated operation to start a multiple Foxmail receipt every day. Start the software, click the "Add" button on the toolbar to add a script action, Pop-up Script Editor window. Before you do this script, think about what we've done with the receipt, and then follow the procedure to add the script.
First, put the mouse on the Foxmail shortcut icon, and we'll add the script. On the right hand side of the script editor, the mouse actions item has three actions, namely mouse action, mouse movement, and mouse relative movement. We point "mouse move" under the "refill" button, this time will appear "Coordinate point" window, return to the desktop, the mouse to the Foxmail shortcut icon, and then click the "alt+ctrl+1" grab coordinates point position, the last point "exit refill" returned to the Script Editor window. Select the first "P1:" Coordinate value in the selection box after refill to use the point that we just crawled, then insert the "Insert" button, so that the action is complete when moving to the icon.
The second step is to double-click the "Foxmail" icon, in "mouse action" in the "mouse action" in the Select "Left-click", and then click the "Insert" button.
The third step is to press the "F4" button to receive all the letters. In order for the Foxmail to be fully activated, the letter will not begin. First set a stay time: Click "Other Actions" item, select "Seconds" under the delay, time select "3" seconds (according to computer startup time to choose), set up, point "insert" inserted into the third action.
The fourth step is to press the "F4" key. Click the keyboard action item, point to the key input box, and then press the "F4" key, and then the "Insert" button.
The final task is to set the startup hotkey, the "Start hot key" box next, press any one key, so when we need to receive the letter, as long as the button, the other working computer will automatically be completed for us. In the script description we can enter the "incoming letter". After completion of the above work, the Point window at the bottom of the "Save out" exit edit state. Of course, we can also join the close Foxmail action and open the action of QQ and so on, as long as in turn after adding each action, the software will follow the steps we set to complete.
With this software to help you work, you will certainly reduce the number of repetitive work.

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