LCD TV Panel Type

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LCD TV Panel Type

one of the LCD TV panels: tn+film Viewing angle expansion film (soft screen )

  This technology is still based on the traditional TN-mode liquid crystal, but only in the manufacturing process to add a film coating process. Tn+film wide-angle technology is the most important feature is the low price, technology access threshold, widely used. In general, the TN panel is an obvious advantage and disadvantage of the product, the price is cheap, the output gray class number is less, the liquid crystal molecular deflection speed, resulting in its response time is easy to improve, so that its response time to meet the game requirements is its advantage, visual angle is not ideal and color performance is not true is its obvious disadvantage. Therefore, the market is now sold in the use of TN-panel LCD display commonly used modified Tn+film (compensation film) to compensate for the TN panel visibility, and the use of color jitter technology can only display a 260,000-color TN panel to obtain 16.2M display capability.

LCD TV Panel Two: IPS (in Plane switching plane control mode) wide viewing angle technology (hard screen)

  The biggest selling point is that its poles are on the same surface, and unlike other liquid crystal mode electrodes are on both sides, three-dimensional arrangement. Since the electrodes are on the same plane, the liquid crystal molecules are always parallel to the screen regardless of state, which reduces the aperture rate and reduces the transmittance, so the IPs application will need more backlight on the LCD TV. It restores the black to be slightly worse than the PVA, therefore needs to rely on the optical film compensation to achieve the better black, the IPS mode liquid crystal display also has one characteristic is to observe on the oblique 45 degree angle, may see has the similar TN pattern the gray scale reversal phenomenon, may use as the discrimination IPs the sign. IPS also has the disadvantage of slower response times and more difficult to improve contrast. (S-ips, As-ips is an improved type of IPS technology)

the third of the LCD TV panel: VA class panel is now high-end liquid crystal application more panel type

The 16.7M color number and the large visual angle are the high-end capital of this type of panel, while the VA class can be divided into MVA panel and PVA panel.

1, MVA (multi-domain Vertical Alignment) (soft screen) mode of liquid crystal display, its liquid crystal molecular long axis in the non-power when not parallel to the screen as TN mode, but perpendicular to the screen, and each pixel is composed of a plurality of such vertical-oriented liquid crystal molecules.

2, PVA (patterned Vertical Alignment, vertical orientation configuration) wide viewing angle technology (soft screen), PVA wide angle of view technology also belongs to the category of VA technology, in fact, it is very similar to MVA, can be said to be a type of MVA deformation. PVA uses a transparent ITO electrode instead of the liquid crystal layer raised in MVA, the transparent electrode can obtain better opening rate and minimize the waste of the backlight. This model greatly reduces the appearance of the LCD panel "bright spots" of the possibility, in the LCD TV era is equivalent to the image tube TV era "dragon tube."

LCD TV panel four: CPA (continuous pinwheelalignment, continuous firework arrangement) mode wide viewing angle technology (soft screen)

CPA model Wide-angle technology Technically, it's also part of the VA camp. Each liquid crystal molecule is arranged in a firework form radiating toward the center electrode. Since the electric field on the pixel electrodes is continuously changing, this wide-angle mode is called a "continuous firework-like arrangement" mode. And the CPA by "the Father of liquid crystal" sharp main push, here need to note is sharp always propaganda of ASV actually does not refer to a particular wide-angle technology, it has adopted tn+film, VA, CPA wide-angle technology products collectively known as ASV.

LCD TV Panel type

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