LoadRunner 11 installation and cracking

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Before installing, put all anti-virus software and firewall off.

If you have previously installed LoadRunner, uninstall it.

The installation path does not take Chinese characters.

If the system is WIN7, the Ultimate version can be installed.

Installation complete, need to crack.

A. Download

Download LoadRunner11 installer on HP's official website [T7177-15013.iso], my LoadRunner 11 is:


Note: After compression size is more than 3G, after decompression 4G around, ISO file. Because the file is too large to be placed on the NFS disk, FAT32 supports only 4GB files.

two. Installation

1. Start the installation program

Run Setup.exe and click on "LoadRunner Complete Installer"

2. Installing components

When installing LOADRUNNER11, the Setup program automatically detects the components installed by the system, LoadRunner running the supported components, and it is generally more important to Visual C + + 2005 SP1 and. Net Framework 3.5. Because a component was previously installed in the computer, only 2 necessary components are shown (the LR installation package contains these components), if the new system is generally 5, click "Next" directly, such as:

3.LoadRunner Installation Welcome Screen

After the component is installed, go to the installation interface of the LoadRunner main program, direct "Next":

4. License Agreement

Select "I agree" and then click "Next":

5. Personal Information

Enter personal information and select "Next":

6. Installation path

Select the LoadRunner installation path, note that the installation path does not have Chinese, select "Next":

7. Installation and completion

8. After installation

When the installation is complete, the LoadRunner License Information window will open automatically:

and tip your license only a 10-day use period.

At this point, you can start LoadRunner.

three. cracked

1. Exit all LoadRunner related procedures;

2. Unzip the file: lr hack. zip

2. Overwrite the corresponding files in the "Bin" folder in the LR9.5 installation directory with the Mlr5lprg.dll and Lm70.dll in LR8.0, usually C:\Program files\mercury\loadrunner\bin.

3. Clean up the registry (do not clean up, when adding licence, will prompt "License security violation ...")

Registry cleaner can be downloaded Lr_del_license (LR cracked package has)

or manually modify the registry to delete the following:

[Hkey_local_machine\software\mercury Interactive\loadrunner\license2]

[Hkey_local_machine\software\mercury Interactive\loadrunner\license2\history]

"Aibgebfw-jved-zkekekekekebdnqaf-kbrdn" = ""

[Hkey_local_machine\software\mercury interactive\loadrunner\license2\permanentlicense]@=] Aibgebfw-jved-zkekekekekebdnqaf-kbrdn "Last" = "Aibgebfw-jved-zkekekekekebdnqaf-kbrdn"

[Hkey_local_machine\software\mercury interactive\loadrunner\license2\temporarylicense]@=] Aebgebfs-akekekeke-kauca "

[Hkey_local_machine\software\classes\interface\{87b3add4-21eb-11d5-93ef-00105aa0fd2d}]@= "IControl"

4. Add the following licence to use:




Provides a super license supports up to 6.5w concurrent: AEACFSJI-YJKJKJJKEJIJD-BCLBR

( Note: Crack same as 8.1,9.5 )

Four. problems encountered during installation

1. During the installation, Tip: The Microsoft Visual c++2005 SP1 runtime component is missing, the command-line option syntax error is prompted during installation, type "command/?" Can obtain the rib information, unable to install properly;


U Enter loadrunner-11\additional components\ide add-ins\ms Visual Studio. NET

U Mounting: LRVS2005IDEAddInSetup.exe

u re-install LoadRunner

2. Note the HP loadrunner\advanced Settings\loadrunner Agent Process that opens under the Start menu. If this service is not turned on, the GUI vusers, Aspgui script playback will be affected.

3. The installation Prompt "The link file .... May corrupted or have illegated link string" error message or prompt command line Option Syntax error. Type command/?:

Cause: The installation folder for LoadRunner contains Chinese, and the LoadRunner installation script does not recognize the path, resulting in constant error prompts.

Workaround: Change the directory name of the installation file to not have Chinese, the installation directory is best to use the default.

4. Administrator Permissions Installation

5.LoadRunner recording scripts often encounter situations where a browser cannot be opened, (when multiple browsers are installed on a single host), it can be resolved in the following way.
Workaround: Start the browser, open the Internet Options dialog box, switch to the Advanced tab, remove the "Enable third-party browser extensions (requires restart)" Check, and then run Vugen again;
Tip: When you install a browser such as Firefox, the option above will be checked to prevent normal recording. It is therefore recommended to run a clean test environment on the LoadRunner winner machine

6. Turn off the firewall when recording, and close the 360 related items.

7.loadrunner When you open the scene, you are prompted to "attempt to perform an operation that is not supported by the system"

Workaround: Uninstall LoadRunner, and then manually delete the installation files and information inside the registry, restart after installation, anti-virus software defense tips are all set to allow, OK

Cause: At the time of installation, the 360 anti-virus software defense tips are all set to block.

8. Reinstall the system and install LR, prompting setup has determined a previous installation have not completed, restart invalid;
Workaround: A. Enter the registration form: Run/regedit;
B. Access path: Key_local_machine/system/contrl/sessionmanager;
C. In the main attempt on the right side of Session manager, double-click Pendingrenameoperations, and in the popup window, delete the temporary file.
D. Re-run the LR installation file.

9. What do I do when the installation prompts "This computer is missing vc2005_sp1_with_atl_fix_redist"?

Workaround: Run the installer's own Vcredist_x86.exe (default in the "Install package \lrunner\chs\prerequisites\vc2005_sp1_redist" directory), and let the computer install the basic environment after installing LoadRunner 11 Can

LoadRunner 11 installation and cracking

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