LoadRunner 11 installation hack

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Pre-Installation Preparation:

A: Installation media


LM70.DLL:HTTP://YUNPAN.CN/CHN7WCNIXRYL7 (Extract code: 3a9f)

Mlr5lprg.dll:http://yunpan.cn/chn7clpkniphe (Extract code: 098e)

B: Serial Number



C: Registry Cleanup Tool:

Http://yunpan.cn/cHN7mgWRNimHV (Extract code: CF81)

installation process

1: Run "setup.exe"

2: Click Install, there will be a hint missing "Microsoft Visual C + + 2005 SP1 running component", download this component. Install "Vcredist_x86.exe" here (Loadrunner-11\lrunner\en\prerequisites\vc2005_sp1_redist under the LR installation package Vcredist_x86.exe installation is possible). When you run "Setup.exe" once the installation is complete, the installer automatically checks to see if the required components are installed, and the following page appears after installation.

3: Select I agree to the license agreement, click Next

4: Fill in personal information click Next

5: Note Select the installation path and click Next

6: Confirm the installation, the program starts to perform the installation, click Next

7: Show the status of the program performing the installation

8: Program installation complete, click Finish

9: The LoadRunner License Information window will open automatically when the installation is complete:

And you are prompted to "license" only a 10-day use period.

At this point, the successful installation on the LOADRUNNER11

Cracking process

10:loadrunner11 Crack Explanation

A: Download the cracked file, here we use the downloaded file "Lm70.dll" and "Mlr5lprg.dll".

B: The "Lm70.dll", "Mlr5lprg.dll" The two files are copied and pasted into the LR11 installation directory under the Bin folder, is generally C:\Program files\mercury\loadrunner\bin. When copying, be careful to turn off LoadRunner first, or you will see a prompt for replication error.

C: Start LoadRunner after copying, such as select "Confuguration->loadrunner license".

Start Loadrunner11: Start with programs, HP LoadRunner-LoadRunner

D: Select "New License" and enter "Aeamauik-yafekekjjkeea-bcjgi"

Here may be a popup:

This is because there is already a trial "license", below we will try to "license" deleted.

E: Now we use the LoadRunner Registry Removal Tool to remove license from this program's registry. (Run "LR Delete Registry"). Be careful to turn off LR first. Run the program and the last popup as shown:

F:ok. We can restart the LoadRunner by the steps we just took. Select "Confuguration->loadrunner License" again

You will find that the license is empty.

G: Or click "New License", first enter GLOBA-100 's registration code: AEAMAUIK-YAFEKEKJJKEEA-BCJGI

H: Success, continue to click on "New License", enter the web-10000 registration code: AEABEXFR-YTIEKEKJJMFKEKEKWBRAUNQJU-KBYGB.

Success again

To this, the installation of the cracked work is all done.

LoadRunner 11 installation hack

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