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In this article, we will carefully analyze how to obtain an effective logo design and we also guide you through these rules and the best way to create a brand feature icon. First you need to get a fixed understanding of a good logo design and some things you think you need to think about before you use the toolbox.

There have been many creative logo design cases,logo design resources and logo design guidance posted in every corner of the Internet. These help create a powerful toolbox for your logo design. First you need to get a fixed understanding of a good logo design and some things you think you need to think about before you use the toolbox.

In this article, we will carefully analyze how to obtain an effective logo design and we also guide you through these rules and the best way to create a brand feature icon.

What is the logo?

To understand what a logo is, we need to first understand what the logo's main function is. The design process points out that logo making must aim at immediate recognition, credibility, admiration, loyalty, implied superiority and so on. A logo is a representative of a company's business logo and economic entity, and its shapes, colors, fonts, and graphics often differ significantly from other logos in the same market area. Logo is used to identify.

World renowned Design Master Paul Rand points out that "a logo is a banner, a signature, a nameplate, a street sign." He thinks that a logo is not used to sell, but to identify. A logo is a wonderful description of the company, logo from the things it symbolizes, not the opposite direction. A logo is not as important as the product it symbolizes; it symbolizes something far more important than her. The gist of a logo may be almost anything.

How to make a good logo?

A good logo is unique, appropriate, practical, figurative and has a simple form that conveys the information that the owner expects. The concept and meaning are often conveyed behind the effective logo, which conveys the implied information. A logo should be able to print at any size on most occasions and be effective in the absence of color. A famous logo concentrates two things in essence: Outstanding concept and excellent executive power.

Logo design Process

"Some people have questions: What's the hardest thing about creating a good logo?" They are very small, they look very easy to do, so no problem, right? Creating a logo may seem like a simple task when you only see the results of the designer's efforts. But that is not the case. A logo requires ideas and ideas, and many elements are combined to produce a good "(via Harrison Mcleod)

When we create a logo, follow a process to ensure that the final design works to meet the needs of customers. Below, we list the typical Professional logo designer's process. By practicing, you don't have to doubt that you've made progress.

A simple design

Lead the user to a questionnaire or interview to obtain a concise design plan.


Implement a user-self inquiry, including his history and competitors. Solve the problem first and then design.


Make a logo design reference by linking the concise design plan and the successful case with the current popular style and trend.

Design Sketches and conceptualize

Develop logo design ideas on your research and profile design drawings. This is the only one of the most important parts of the design process. Inspire and create creativity. As Dainis Graveris once wrote, "A sketch is never a waste of time, but a very good way to put your mind's thoughts on paper." "After that, it will be easier in the real design of the computer." Sketches help us figure out what is imagined: once you understand it, you will often start your design work on a blank sheet of paper.


Constantly breaking in the design process. This will help make your ideas more mature, give you new enthusiasm and make you beg for feedback. At the same time bring a new perspective to your work.

Revision and positioning

Whether your identity is a contractor or a long-term partnership, revise and improve the logo when needed.


Show your best logo design to your customers. PDFs are often the best format. You may also want to show the content of the logo to help the customer clearly perceive the brand's personality visually. Preparing a high quality presentation is the most effective way to get the customer to approve your design.

"The sealed display has an empty surround. The most significant display is that the user is customized for a specific purpose for a particular person. How to show a new idea? Perhaps the most difficult task for the designer. This is not just a design problem, but a pursuit of something new.

A designer that contains some form of presentation not only explains a particular design to an interested audience (customer, reader, audience), but explains it in the marketplace. The presentation is the accompaniment of the design music. A lack of creative display can not be hidden in the glamorous photography, noisy. If all is nonsense or very lag, it is only in the Dreamland to show its future. (Paul Rand)

Pass out include Help files

Transfer the appropriate files to the customer, including the necessary help files. After you finish, you can have a beer, have some chocolate and get ready for the next plan.

A case study in logo design process

Select a comprehensive and in-depth example of how some professional designers work and check out the logo design process in case studies.

5 Principles of effective logo design

As we mentioned, a good logo is unique, appropriate, practical, image-and simple in form. It passes the information that the owner expects. You need to follow the five principles below to ensure that your design conforms to these standards.

    1. Simple
    2. Easy to remember
    3. Never dated
    4. Multifunctional
    5. Right

1. Simple

Simple to make a logo easy to recognize, easy to remember and multi-functional. A good logo feature is unpredictable or unique: it is not exaggerated.

2. Easy to Remember

It is easy to remember what is easy to follow. An effective logo design should be easy to remember under the premise of achieving simple and suitable.

3. Never obsolete

A valid logo should be timeless. Does your design stand the test of time? Is it still valid in 10, 20, or after 50 years?

4. Multi-function

An effective logo can span a wide variety of media and applications. For this reason, logos should be designed in a simple vector format to ensure that they can be extended to any size.

Ask yourself if your logo still works when you print it.

    • Monochrome print?
    • Anti-color printing (for example: Light-colored logo, dark background)
    • Printing of stamp size
    • The size of the Billboard print

5. Appropriate

A logo should be positioned in accordance with its potential audience (readers, customers), for example, a childish font and color design should be suitable for children's toy stores rather than law firms.

How much is the cost of a logo?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions in my experience. He's not easy to answer because every company is different. The best way is to prepare a quote for each customer.

When you design a logo you have to consider many factors, such as how many logos include how many concepts to show, how many revisions, how many times the need to explore, this is a big company and so on.

How to choose a logo designer

    • Experience and success stories
    • Certificate of Competency
    • The process of their design
    • Awards and published works
    • Work collection (library) strength
    • Work schedule
    • Cost
    • Union, affiliated institutions
    • Professional characteristics and ways of cooperation
    • Questions you have been asked (e.g. company profile etc.)

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