Lua Study Notes for Cocos2d-x game development, cocos2d-xlua

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Lua Study Notes for Cocos2d-x game development, cocos2d-xlua

Download link what is Cocos2d-x

  • An open-source mobile 2D game framework released under the MIT license.
  • You can use C ++, Lua, and Javascript for deployment.
  • Cross-platform: iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Tizen.
Applications developed using Cocos

What is Lua?
  • Script Language
  • Compiled by standard C, the code is concise and elegant
Hello, World
// No population function, no semicolon ending print ("Hello, World ")

Language Features: Table

Development Environment Construction

Go to the Lua official website (download> binaries) to download the binary interpretation environment. On the SourceForge page that you are redirected to, click the red line to download:

After decompression:

Write hello. lua, open the command prompt (Shift + right-click) in this folder, and then executelua53.exe hello.luaTo run:

Lua Annotations:

-- I am a comment
Lua value and type
  • Value: 1, 2, 3; 3.14;
  • String: "Hello, World"
  • Boolean: true, false
  • Table (array + ing ):
Table Array a = {} a [1] = 1a [2] = 2a [3] = "lua" print (a [1], a [2], a [3]) is equivalent to: B = {1, 2, "lua ",} table ing c = {} c ["number"] = 1c [3] = falseprint (c. number, c [3]) is equivalent to: c = {["number"] = 1, [3] = false ,}

Lua array starts from 1


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