Mac how to remove OS X system only install Win7 system

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Many people in the use of Mac computer, because not accustomed to operation, or for other reasons, want to be able to uninstall the OS X system only installed Win7, this willingness is not a sensible matter of opinion, but there is no real tutorials on the web to give everyone help, so today small system for Mac delete OS X system only install win7 system graphics and text steps, hope to help everyone.

The first is preparation work:

1.WINDOWS image file (xp,win7, Win8, depending on individual needs)

2.U disk (8GB u disk is recommended, so that you can easily wait a moment directly to the Windows mirror directly inside)

3. An available PC (for making U disk boot)

4.BOOT CAMP for Windows;

Other preparation tools for Windows systems are downloaded on their own request, such as Windows activation software.

Here are the detailed steps:

The 1th step is to uninstall the Mac system.

When the Power-on option key, enter the mode selection menu, choose to repair Mac 10.X, then select the "Disk Utility" option, enter the left side of your hard drive Macintosh, click the "Erase", wipe off the time note, the hard drive format must be changed to "MS-DOS (FAT)" Format, because the Apple's hard disk format defaults to the hfs+ format, this format PE is no way to identify, so be sure to change to fat format. If your Mac already has several partitions, then erase each partition by one by one, and change to "MS-DOS (FAT)" format. Many friends are actually troubled here, so changing the format is critical.

2nd step, make WinPE u disk startup tool

Recommended to use the old Peaches U disk boot.

Follow the tutorials inside to download and make your WinPE u disk boot device. After doing well, put the Windows Gho file you prepared before or the iOS file into the "Gho folder" inside the U disk.

Step 3rd, install Windows

The production of a U disk inserted into the computer, the same, the power-on installation option key, out of options, select Windows Options, the computer will enter the WinPE system to read the U disk inside, the following figure:

Mac remove OS X System install win7 system only

PS: Because my computer system is already windows, so the left side of the disk is also windows, this does not matter, anyway, choose the picture in the red box inside the windows can be.

Next you will go to menu options, as shown below, select 2nd, "Run old Peaches Win8pe x 86 lite".

Mac remove OS X System install win7 system only

PS: Here, please do not follow the old Peaches website before the selection of "4" and "1", "not into the PE installation GHO to the hard disk first Partition", because we have to partition and format the hard disk again, so we need one more step. )

Then start loading, as shown below, waiting.

After entering the PE, the first cancellation can only be quickly installed, also need to partition, point "Cancel".

Mac remove OS X System install win7 system only

Open the "Diskgenius partitioning tool" built into PE, as shown below:

Mac remove OS X System install win7 system only

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