MARIADB Learning notes-master-slave replication

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MARIADB Master-slave replication
    • MySQL extension mode: master-slave

    • Read-write separation based on MHA implementation

Primary server Configuration

* Modify configuration file

[Email protected] ~]# VIM/ETC/MY.CNF.D/SERVER.CNF

    • Start mariadb service

[[email protected] ~]# systemctl start mariadb[[email protected] ~]#  mysql welcome to the mariadb monitor.  commands end with ;  or \g.your mariadb connection id is 2server version: 5.5.44- mariadb-log mariadb servercopyright  (c)  2000, 2015, Oracle, MariaDB  Corporation ab and others. type  ' help; '  or  ' \h '  for help. Type  ' \c '  to clear the current input  statement. mariadb [(None)]> show binary logs;+-------------------+-----------+| log_name           | file_size |+-------------------+------ -----+| master-log.000001 |       245 |+-------------------+ -----------+1 row in set  (0.00 sec) mariadb [(None)]> grant replication slave,replication client on *.*  to  ' repluser ' @ ' 172.16.%.% '  identified by  ' replpass '; query ok, 0 rows affected  (0.00 sec) mariadb [(none)]> flush  privileges; query ok, 0 rows affected  (0.00 sec) mariadb [(none)]> show  binary logs;+-------------------+-----------+| log_name           | file_size |+-------------------+-----------+| master-log.000001 |        496 |+-------------------+-----------+1 row in  set  (0.00 sec) mariadb [(none)]>
From server configuration
    • Modifying a configuration file

[Email protected] ~]# VIM/ETC/MY.CNF.D/SERVER.CNF

    • Start the server and authorize

[[email protected] ~]# systemctl start mariadb[[email protected] ~]#  Mysqlwelcome to the mariadb monitor.  commands end with ; or  \g.your mariadb connection id is 2server version: 5.5.44-mariadb  MariaDB ServerCopyright  (c)  2000, 2015, oracle, mariadb corporation  ab and others. type  ' help; '  or  ' \h '  for help. Type  ' \c '  to clear the current input  statement. mariadb [(none)]> change master to master_host= ' ', master_user= ' Repluser ', master_password= ' Replpass ', master_log_file= ' master-log.000003,master_log_pos=496 '; query ok, 0 rows affected  (0.01 sec) mariadb [(none)]>
    • Two files are generated when authorization is complete

/var/lib/mysql/ this file records which logs from the primary server start copying
/var/lib/mysql/ this file records the primary server address, account password information

    • Start the replication function from the server

mariadb [(None)]> start slave; query ok, 0 rows affected  (0.00 sec) mariadb [(none)]> show  slave status\g;*************************** 1. row ***************************                Slave_IO_State:                    master_ host:                   Master_User: repluser                   Master_Port: 3306                 Connect_Retry: 60               master_log_file: master-log.000001,master_log_pos=496          read_master_log_pos:  4               relay_log_file:  relay-log.000001                 Relay_Log_Pos: 4        Relay_Master_Log_File:  master-log.000001,master_log_pos=496              slave_io_running: no            slave_ sql_running: yes               replicate_do_db:           replicate_ignore_db:             Replicate_Do_Table:         replicAte_ignore_table:       replicate_wild_do_table:   replicate _wild_ignore_table:                     Last_Errno: 0                    Last_Error:                   Skip_Counter: 0           Exec_Master_Log_Pos: 4               Relay_Log_Space: 245               Until_Condition: None                Until_Log_File:                  until_log_pos: 0            Master_SSL_Allowed: No            Master_ssl_ca_file:            master_ssl_ca_path:                master_ssl_cert:              Master_SSL_Cipher:                 Master_SSL_Key:          seconds_behind_master: nullmaster_ssl_verify_server_cert:  no                last_ io_errno: 1236                 last_io_error: got&Nbsp;fatal error 1236 from master when reading data from binary  log:  ' Could not find first log file name in binary log  index file '                 Last_SQL_Errno: 0                Last_SQL_Error:   Replicate_Ignore_Server_Ids:               master_server_id: 1

At this point, the slave_io_running,slave_sql_running should be yes to begin copying from the primary server

Main main Mode

is to use the AB dual server respectively authorization;

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MARIADB Learning notes-master-slave replication

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