Matlab programming and application series-General Arrangement for getting started with Matlab programming

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This series of tutorials comes from the publication of the "Matlab-based programming basics and typical application books". If copyright concerns are involved, please contact [email protected]. Press: People's post and telecommunications press. The number of pages is 525.

This series of tutorials is currently based on MATLAB r2006a and may differ from functions in more advanced versions. If you have any questions in this tutorial, contact [email protected].

# MATLAB Basic Introduction
MATLAB engineering software is a powerful mathematical software developed by Mathworks. With the continuous enrichment and improvement of toolbox, Matlab engineering software can be applied to almost all kinds of engineering fields in society, including satellite communication systems, aerospace systems, automotive systems, financial systems, motor systems, and control systems. Given the powerful numerical computing capability, open and extensible architecture, and rich programming toolboxes of Matlab, this book is based on the current Matlab application trend, through detailed basic knowledge explanation and a large number of practical application introductions, the methods related to the application of MATLAB r2006a in numerical computation and engineering are highlighted, it not only enables readers to master the basic knowledge of MATLAB and the use of related toolboxes, but also has a strong interest in the application trend of Matlab, leading readers to use MATLAB engineering software in their related fields.
# Overall arrangement of series tutorials

  • 1 MATLAB tutorial: Introduces the basic knowledge of Matlab, including environment, matrix and array creation, and matrix-related operations, character, cellular, and structural arrays, basic data processing functions, including Polynomial, interpolation, statistical processing, symbol processing, and graphic handle and GUI Design Knowledge.
  • 2 MATLAB Engineering Application: The graphic functions of MATLAB software, mathematical toolkit, optimization toolkit, control system toolkit, signal processing toolkit, artificial neural network toolkit, knowledge related to simulation environment integration in Simulink, Matlab interface technology, and usage of notebook are introduced..
  • 3 MATLAB special example: Provides a detailed example of different application scenarios from graphic visualization, big data analysis, GUI Design, and simulation.
    # Preparation of this getting started tutorial
    This series of tutorials mainly introduces the basic knowledge of Matlab. It is divided into eight chapters, Chapter 1st is the overview of Matlab, including MATLAB software installation, runtime environment and help system. Chapter 2nd and Chapter 3 mainly introduces the creation of MATLAB software matrices and arrays, and matrix-related operations; Chapter 4th introduces the characters, cellular and structural arrays of the MATLAB software; Chapter 5th introduces the basic data processing functions of the MATLAB software, including polynomials, interpolation and fitting, and statistical processing; chapter 6th introduces the MATLAB software symbol processing function; Chapter 7th introduces the MATLAB program design process; Chapter 8th describes the MATLAB software graphics handle and GUI Design Knowledge.

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Matlab programming and application series-General Arrangement for getting started with Matlab programming

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