Maximo Bullet Box Set new functional Test summary

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1. Signature options--Define a unique identifier for all functions that can be authorized in the system.

2. The feature implementation in the signature option, typically in Appbean, has a method corresponding to the Signature option identification.
This method implements the relevant functions.

3. Important Notes:

Location-level objects (organization-level objects)

The same level of objects, through the system function to do the association lookup, the general will default to the permission information into.



1. Own application, interface designer, plus signature option;
2. Place the signature option in the selection action (drop-down menu), in the toolbar;
3. Authorization for this function in the permission group;
4. In the Application Designer, export the application XML and add Dailog;
5. Verify that the dialog box will pop up normally;
6. Modify the dialog XML, add the Read-only table list, can select multiple;
7. Write the dialog binding Databean class, override the Exectue () method to set the checked content in the table
Added to the face table;
8. Can be saved and queried normally.

Steps of the process:

1. In the Application interface drop-down box, select Add/Modify application to add the dropdown frame function, select the Add Modification tool to set the corresponding function in the corresponding property.

2. Export the XML file and set the contents of the bullet box in the XML file:

Dialog id= "Testdialog" label= "Test pop-up dialog" realitionship= "Dn_test" >
<section id= "Testdialog_gridla_1_1_gridla" >
<table id= "testdialog_table" inputmode= "readonly" label= "Location List" selectmode= "single" >
<tablebody displayrowsperpage= "2" filterable= "true" inputmode= "readonly id=" Testdialog_table_tablebody ">
<tablecol dataattribute= "SiteID" id= "testdialog_tablecolumn_1"/>
<tablecol dataattribute= "description" id= "Testdialog_tablecolumn_2"/>
<tablecol dataattribute= "OrgID" id= "Testdialog_tablecolumn_3"/>
<buttongroup id= "Testdialog_2" >
<pushbutton default= "true" id= "Bookmarks_2_2" label= "OK" mxevent= "Dialogok"/>

3, write the main page of the Appbean class, note is inherited from the main page of the Appbean class (in the switch-expression can see this class);

4. The class that writes the corresponding sub-object page inherits from the Databean class and writes the corresponding logic code in this class:

Package sitow.mis.webclient.dntest;

Import java.rmi.RemoteException;
Import Java.util.Vector;

Import Psdi.mbo.MboRemote;
Import psdi.util.MXException;
Import Psdi.webclient.system.beans.DataBean;

public class Lpdialogdatebean extends Databean {

public int Execute () throws Mxexception,remoteexception {
Get dialog box Databean
Databean Bean=app.getdatabean ("testdialog_table");
Gets the set of objects that the bean has checked
Vector<mboremote> ver=bean.getselection ();
Databean you want to add
Databean Bline=app.getdatabean ("1440729049931");
for (int i=0;i<ver.size (); i++) {
Mboremote Mbo=ver.get (i);//Get each of the selected MBO
Bline.addrow ();
Bline.getmbo (). SetValue ("", "", 11L);
return Super.execute ();

5. Test Bullet Customize dialog box

Problems in the process:

1, in the organization set up activities: The chart of accounts to create the corresponding expression, you can tick the activity, then the location can also tick the activity;

2, bounce out of the box red description of the relevant attributes of the error, including some related, business objects, etc.;

3, configure the main object in the database association, used to set the query conditions;

4. Save the pop-up data to the sub-page.

Maximo Bullet Box Set new functional Test summary

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