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Media Player Classic Home Cinema, abbreviated MPC-HC, is a compact media player, followed by media Player Classic, with 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Media Player Classic is built by a programmer named "Gabest," and now he still maintains the program. Gabest originally developed Media player Classic with an unfair source code, but later he opened the source code for media Player Classic.

Currently MPC-HC is an open-source software that is being maintained by a number of programmers from around the world.

Mpc-be is a part of the developers who split from MPC-HC, and the Russian programmer is the main to recompile the optimized version. The decoder is different, the interface is also more beautification

Mpc-be plays DVD audio and video files for the Windows operating system. This project is based on its own independently developed original code Media Player Classic (gabest) and media Player Classic-Home theater (Casimir666).

The MPC has an impressive audio and video filter, which enables him to play almost any existing media format.

Support Operating System

* Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 32bit/64bit

System Requirements

* CPU has SSE support

* The latest version of DirectX 9.0c runtime (June 2010). Installation is required, regardless of the operating system.

Web installer: (recommended)

The Complete package:


Project Page

Help and Support

Web browser SVN repository Media Player classic-be

SVN repository Media Player classic-be (Read only): Svn://

Changes in release



Added (+):

+ Added support for opening *. CUE;

+ Added completely reengineered DXVA2 decoder;

+ Added support for subtitles display for stereoscopic pictures;

+ audiosplitter-added support for monkey ' s Audio (. APE) and also for APE Tag, DTS-CD and AC3-CD, TTA, WAV and Wave64;

+ avisplitter-added support for ' Rpza ', ' RV24 ' (RGB24 with upside-down picture), Uncommon yuv-formats;

+ matroskasplitter-added support for Microsoft MPEG4 V3, MJPEG, ProRes, SNOW and several types to uncompressed video (' V _uncompressed ');

+ mp4splitter-added support for ' 2Vuy ', ' dvoo ', ' Yuvs ', ' yuv2 ', DNxHD, FFV1, ' v308 ', ' v408 ', ' V410 ';

+ mpadecfilter-added support for decoding MEDIASUBTYPE_SIPR_WAVE-SIPR in. wmv, Voxware MetaSound;

+ mpcvideodec-added output formats ' AYUV ', ' YV16 ', ' YV24 ', ' P010 ', ' P210 ', ' P016 ', ' P0216 ', ' Y410 ' and ' Y416 ';

+ mpcvideodec-added support for ' Avid DNxHD ', HuffYUV, FFVH, FFV1 (FFmpeg video codec #1), QuickTime 8BPS video, ' Rpza ', ' Cyuv ', ' yuv2 ', ' y41b ', ' y42b ', ' 444P ', ' Y800 ', ' I420 ', ' V410 ';

+ mpcvideodec-added support for decoding Windows Media Video 9.1 image and Windows Media Video 9.1 image V2 (WMVP, WVP2) ;

+ mpcvideodec-added Status Field containing verbose information on the decoder ' s state;

+ mpcvideodec-added handling of input media type change in DXVA1 mode which allows switching video tracks into this mode;

+ mpcvideodec-added a button for resetting the options to their defaults;

+ mpegsplitter-added support for the files with the ' Imkh ' header (DVR records in MPEG-PS format);

+ Null video Renderer (uncompressed)-Added support for ' NV12 ', ' ayuv ', ' YV16 ', ' YV24 ';

+ rawvideosplitter-added support for ' YUV4MPEG2 ';

+ rawvideosplitter-added Partial support forчерно-белыхand 4:1:1 files;

+ vsfilter-added AV source/av Splitter support for the auto-load option;

+ vsfilter-added support for NV12;

+ vsfilter-added support for scaling pgs/dvb subtitles;

+ vsfilter-added support for interlaced;

+ audiomixer-added support for muxing in 5.0;

+ Internal Mpeg/dvd decoder-added support for NV12 output;

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