Microsoft Azure Public Cloud Enterprise Exchange 2016 Deployment 7-Install mail server

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In this section we will deploy the Exchange2016 mail server, as shown in the red box.

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EXCHANGE2016 is not much change relative to Exchange2013. The biggest change is the role consolidation of the Client Access server role (CAS) and the Mailbox server role (MBX). That means we can't deploy CAs and MBX separately. This change reflects the idea of co-locating Exchange Server roles (recommended best practices since Exchange 2010).

EXCHANGE2016 Architecture Diagram:

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The multi-Role Exchange server architecture provides the following tangible benefits:

A. All Exchange servers in the environment (except for Edge Transport servers) can all be identical, with the same hardware, configuration, and so on. This uniformity simplifies the purchase of hardware and the maintenance and management of Exchange servers.

B. Fewer physical Exchange servers can be required. This not only reduces daily maintenance costs, but also reduces Exchange Server licenses as well as rack, floor space, and power requirements.

C. Scalability has been improved because you are distributing workloads across more physical computers. During a failure, the load on the remaining Exchange multi-role servers only increases incrementally, which ensures that other features on the Exchange server are not adversely affected.

D. Resiliency has been improved because multi-role Exchange servers can recover from more client access roles (or service) failures and still provide services.

Next we will deploy the Exchange server.

1. Add domain

That's not much to say. The Exchange server needs to be joined to a domain environment because the virtual network DNS has been configured in the previous section, so the address of the DC has been automatically obtained.

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2. Add roles and Features

The necessary roles and functions for Exchange2016 can be added with the following PowerShell commands:

install-windowsfeature as-http-activation, desktop-experience,  NET-Framework-45-Features, RPC-over-HTTP-proxy, RSAT-Clustering,  rsat-clustering-cmdinterface, rsat-clustering-mgmt, rsat-clustering-powershell,  web-mgmt-console, was-process-model, web-asp-net45, web-basic-auth, web-client-auth,  Web-digest-auth, web-dir-browsing, web-dyn-compression, web-http-errors, web-http-logging,  Web-Http-Redirect, Web-Http-Tracing, Web-ISAPI-Ext, Web-ISAPI-Filter,  Web-lgcy-mgmt-console, web-metabase, web-mgmt-console, web-mgmt-service, web-net-ext45,  Web-Request-Monitor, Web-Server, Web-Stat-Compression, Web-Static-Content,  Web-windows-auth, web-wmi, windows-identity-foundation 

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3. Installation. NET4.5.2

Can be downloaded directly to the following address

The installation found that the Azure VM has upgraded the patch, so no changes are made here.

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4. Installing the UCMA Component

Can be downloaded to the following address

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5. Extending the AD Database

When installing or upgrading exchange, you need to expand the ad database, generally if the ad environment is more complex, such as multi-domain multi-site environment, because it involves the synchronous replication of AD and other functions, it is recommended to manually expand the ad schema, forest, domain, child domains sequentially.

Of course, if you install directly, Exchange also automatically makes ad extensions during the installation process.

This is done manually to extend

A. Extending the AD schema first


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You can use ADSI Edit to confirm the version after the extension

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B. Extending the forest

./setup.exe/preparead/organizationname: "Hhcloud"/iacceptexchangeserverlicenseterms

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Extended Acknowledgement

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C. extended Domain


or expand all domains with the following statement


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Extended Acknowledgement

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6. Installing Exchange 2016

After you have expanded your ad database, you can now install Exchange 2016.

After clicking the Setup installer, the installation screen appears, the installation process is simple and the process is as follows:

Check for Updates

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function Introduction

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Consent permission

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Installation options

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Installation role selection, only mailbox and edge 2 roles optional, select MBX role here

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Installation path

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Malicious software Protection Features

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Prerequisite Self-Test

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Click Install, wait about 1 hours after installation, and then restart the server

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ECP can already log in

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This completes the installation of Exchange 2016, which is followed by a simple configuration.

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Microsoft Azure Public Cloud Enterprise Exchange 2016 Deployment 7-Install mail server

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