Microsoft experts recommend 11 Chrome plugins

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Web developers, who need to use a browser for a long time, even though the WINDOWS10 Edge browser starts very fast and supports more than 110 devices, the edge supports JS-based extensions, but also removes many of the old features like Active-X. In most cases, plug-ins not only can solve some security problems, but also can effectively solve the browser load problem. Each new tab will be opened in Chrome, and the plugin will run itself to generate a new plugin instance. This means that if you open 10 tabs, and the browser has 10 plugins, it can cause an overload. Therefore, it is very necessary to choose a useful browser plugin.

Some of the most useful chrome plugins are recommended below

start–--useful when creating a new tab page

When you create a new blank tab, Start provides a default tab for your selection, such as rss,gmail, weather, and so on.


With this plug-in, you can add multiple lines of JavaScript consoles to help with web development in chrome. Makes viewing JavaScript code easier.

Dev Tools Theme:zero Dark Matrix

Change the theme, like setting your own comfortable theme in the integrated development environment.

Postman REST Client

Postman Rest Client is useful when monitoring Ajax requests.

Ripple Emulator

The built-in Mobile simulator can simulate the UA string of mobile devices. The debug feature is very powerful and can simulate a variety of mobile scenarios such as triggering, simulating different connection speeds, and GPS information. Very useful for mobile developers.

WebGL Inspector

If the development is based on WebGL, then the WebGL Inspector plugin is a must. The underlying code can be detected.

The Great suspender

The plug-in can implement the tab "Hibernate" function, so it is not written into RAM, very memory-saving, can also be set to whitelist, set some sites do not allow hibernation.


is the best tool for reading RSS from Google Reader (RIP).


Chrome scrolling has a very poor experience with Windows, and OSX can provide a good user experience. Smoothscroll can improve Chrome's scrolling experience in Windows.

Save to Pocket

When you often need to browse a lot of articles or send weekly reports, you need a pocket to save and organize the information. The pocket plug-in can help implement.

Reddit Enhancement Suite

The Reddit plugin features a re-editing feature, as well as the ability to set Web site themes.

Microsoft experts recommend 11 Chrome plugins

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