Microsoft released a series of new network security features (about Windows and Office 365)

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Microsoft has released a series of new network security features in a large RSA security conference in San Francisco, and the new features of Windows and Office 365 are designed to help enterprises achieve network security.

The local Active Directory feature that uses Windows Hello is added to Windows Frontend and allows Windows 10 systems to log on. Microsoft has also introduced new tools to help them better manage their products with mobile devices by providing them with tools to migrate their organizational policies to cloud hosting. (InfoWorld: You need to set Windows 10 Group Policy correctly.) New operating system: The Ultimate Windows Survivor Toolkit. Use Windows communications to master critical Microsoft technologies. )

More importantly, Microsoft has introduced a new tool to help customers configure surface hardware, such as disabling the camera features of a tablet.

Office 365 customers have access to new security assessment tools and special services that display security threat information. As announced in the RSA security conference, Microsoft has been improving his security features.

New Windows Features

Microsoft's biometric-based authentication system Windows Hello has two new updates. First, Microsoft is letting its biometric login system Windows Hello can use only the local Active directory server, without the need for Azure Active Directory.

Microsoft is also trying to solve the problem of users forgetting to use the dynamic Lock feature in Windows Hello to lock their computers. This will connect the user's smartphone with their Windows 10 device and automatically lock the device when the phone's Bluetooth signal becomes weak.

Users need to have a Microsoft Authenticator application installed on their smartphones to use this feature. Once the application is connected to the computer, it will automatically lock the computer using Windows Hello Companion when the user leaves.

Enterprise Management Mode (SEMM) allows corporate customers to set conditions for Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablets, Surface Book notebooks, and surface Studio desktop apps to meet their security needs.

Administrators can set policies that start only under certain conditions, such as when surface is connected to a specific network. Administrators have access to the problematic surfaces, but do not need to delete them.

Microsoft also allows mobile device management (MDM) software to apply settings and configurations from a list of security baseline policies. Previously, these settings were only available through Group Policy. Administrators can now use the same policy when using Group Policy and MDM to manage devices.

The company also released a new MDM migration analysis tool to help customers migrate content from Group Policy to MDM. When it comes to international users, Mmat has a problem: The tool can only set English names, which means that the system it runs requires an English language pack. At this point, Microsoft recommends that users install English on non-English systems to resolve the issue.

O365 Safety Ratings

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The Office 365 Security Scoring tool provides users with a scoring chart that shows the security tools they have installed on their devices.

Office 365
Organizations that use Office 365 can use the new security scoring tool to evaluate their security. It analyzes the configuration of the enterprise and then provides them with scores based on the security controls they already have. This feature also provides tips for administrators to use which Office 365 security features will effectively improve the security of the enterprise.

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Microsoft released a series of new network security features (about Windows and Office 365)

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