Microsoft releases the full version of SQL Server 2016

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Microsoft today announced the official release of SQL Server database software (GA) on the official SQL blog, which lasted more than a year, and Microsoft released several public previews and candidate versions for the software, and today the final version is finally online. In his blog, Joseph Sirosh, corporate vice president of Microsoft Data Group, said: "SQL Server 2016 simplifies the way the database is parsed and reinforces analytics to penetrate the data that needs to be managed, based on simplified enterprise data management." "In the case of keeping the price constant, Sirosh says it will increase performance and feature expansion.

SQL Server 2016 database systems are optimized for many aspects of cloud data management. According to Microsoft, the new version seamlessly manages relationships and beyond (JSON, XML, Hadoop) data, seamlessly integrates structured data with Hadoop data, and enables the integration of local data using cloud data seams.

The new market for SQL Server 2016 is broadly targeted at two categories of users: those who do data collection and storage in the cloud (or migrate to the cloud), and those who benefit from performing data analysis from memory. The functionality of the Stretch database will attract the former, providing a way to extend the on-premises database to Azure SQL database. The database to which the application connects can see the source of its data. SQL Server tables can gradually expand into Microsoft Azure, which is a more attractive option than a destructive, desperate migration.

Another major feature of SQL Server 2016 is full encryption, which allows users to encrypt data at all times. In addition, SQL Server 2016 is a comprehensive database platform that provides enterprise-grade data management using integrated Business Intelligence (BI) tools. The memory database Hekaton introduced in SQL Server 2014 shows that the features of big data include scalability, for example, to analyze the increased memory aggregation functions in real time. and the SQL Server is tightly integrated with the tools of the R language, and Microsoft recently acquired a new set of open source databases from a thriving software ecosystem.

SQL Server 2016 is divided into four versions of Enterprise, Standard, Lite, and Developer editions, similar to SQL Server 2014, where developer and express are free. Microsoft will also release Linux SQL Server ( in 2017. We can expect that the future of SQL Server will be a stable data platform spanning the Gnu/linux, Windows Server System platform.

The following table clearly traces the history of SQL Server databases (1989-2016) from Https://

Microsoft releases the full version of SQL Server 2016

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