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Microsoft today held a new round of equipment launches in New York (October 6 local time), including devices such as Surface book,ms Band 2,surface Pro 4,surface pen,lumia 950 and 950XL, and the Lumia 550.

Please allow me to crossing for each of you.

1. HoloLens and Development Kit

At the conference, Microsoft first demonstrated the holographic spectacles of its HoloLens gaming platform.

Microsoft Live demo of a HoloLens game player who fights with virtual weapons formed on their hands and various scary robot monsters.

Microsoft has been applying for the development Kit (SDK) since today at a price of $3,000. It is expected to be shipped in the first quarter of 2016.

2. Surface Book

Surface Book is a major product that Microsoft has released today. It has a size of 13.5 inches and a resolution of 267 pixels per inch.

Surface book starts at $1,499 and is scheduled to start on October 7 and shipped on October 26.

The keyboard of Surface book can be disassembled to make it a tablet computer. It also comes with a touchscreen that works with Microsoft's newly released surface pen.

Here is the Heaven Zhuhai rudder for everyone to find a copy of Surface Book and MacBook Pro configuration comparison chart for your reference:

3. Surface Pen

Microsoft's newly developed Surface pen product should be designed to respond to Apple's previously released pen. The device is matched with Microsoft's new product Surface Pro 4 and the apps that run on it.

The tip of the Suface pen is very sensitive and can feel different pressures at 1,024 levels. The end of the pen is also equipped with an electronic eraser, which is adsorbed by magnetic force at the end of the pen, making it easier to carry and use.

There are 5 different colors of touch amassing people choose-silver, gold, red, blue, and black-in addition to the nib there are 24 options.

4. Surface Pro 4

Microsoft today also released the Suface Pro 4, starting at $899. The biggest highlight is the reduction of the space occupied by the side border of the screen, allowing the same tablet space to accommodate larger screens (12.3-inch vs. 12.0-inch, 267ppi vs. 216ppi). Like Surface Book, Surface Pro 4 also supports the latest surface Pen. The top configuration supported by Surface Pro 4 is 16GB RAM and 1TB of storage space. During the period, Microsoft also PK with its MacBook Air: the Surface Pro 4 has been boosted by 30 percentage points over Surface Pro 3 and 60 percent faster than the MacBook Air. Based on our own experience with surface Pro 4 and Surface Book, although these two products are very similar to each other, it's more appealing to our attention. Here is the Heaven Zhuhai sub-rudder also found a copy of surface Pro 4 and MacBook Air configuration comparison chart for your reference:

5. Lumia 550

Compared to other Microsoft products, the Lumia 550, which sells for only $138, should be a more economical device that began selling in December.

At the press conference, Microsoft's 550 product was a piece of tape, and they put more emphasis on the 590 and 590XL flagship phones.

6. Lumia 950 and 950XL flagship phone

The 5.2-inch Lumia 950 and 5.7-inch Lumia 950 XL is the first two phones that support Windows 10. The 950 start price is $549, while 950XL is $649. Microsoft says the two phones will be in stock in November.

Compared to the early Lumias, the two Lumia's new flagship phones don't have an unusually sexy look or a big gap in the design, but they're still very powerful.

The Lumia 950 runs on the 8,086-core chip at a 1.8GHz frequency, while the 950 XL runs at a 2.0GHz frequency on the eight-core chip of the Drake 810.

The two phones are shipped with Skype,cortana Microsoft Smart Assistant, and Continuum (continuum lets smartphones and mice, keyboards and monitors wirelessly access).

They are also equipped with a 20 million-megapixel rear-facing camera that allows for 4K video recording. The front-facing camera has 5 million megapixels.

The two phones are factory equipped with 32GB of storage space, plus 256GB memory cards, and 3GB of RAM.

7. Display Dock

Microsoft's display dock is also on its debut today. Display Dock This assistive device will instantly turn your Windows 10 phone into a single PC device, but Microsoft has not disclosed the device's price.

The software that makes it a reality is the continuum we mentioned above. Simply put, if you get an external monitor, mouse, and keyboard to your phone through the display dock, the phone will run in a different mode and you'll be able to manipulate it as you would with a PC.
The display dock provides a USB Class C interface to connect to the phone, a display port and an external monitor to connect, and 3 traditional USB ports to connect other input devices such as the mouse and keyboard. Once connected, the Windows 10 phone app and interface will automatically expand to fit a large screen display.

8. Microsoft Band 2

Microsoft also today showed the wearable device Microsoft Band 2. The smart bracelet will be released on October 30 at a retail price of $249.

Band 2 is equipped with Couting and some additional sensors, which will be sold in more countries than the previous generation. The redesigned display appears to be more responsive to touch, with built-in GPS, UV monitoring, sleep detection, calorie monitoring, and calls, messages, email alerts and more. Also available is a barometer.

Note: More articles please pay attention to the public number: Techgogogo or personal blog Of course, you are also very welcome to pick up directly (ZHUBAITIAN1). The English version of this article is from VentureBeat, the Chinese version is compiled by Heaven Zhuhai Branch Rudder.

Microsoft today's Windows 10 Hardware conference summary: Mobile phone instant change pc

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