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64G of surface, used for three days, used to be air and ipad2, never use WIN8 system.

In general, Sophie is a notebook, or, to put it another way, Sophie is something between a tablet and a notebook but prefers a notebook. It should be said that the notebook can do 90% Sophie can do. But from the flat point of view is far less than the ipad, or perhaps now is still imperfect, especially the software is not perfect reasons.

From the above point of view, if you already have a thin notebook such as air and so on, it is absolutely necessary to buy Sophie, I think the two a little overlap. The weight of the Sufiga keyboard is about 0.9KG, and the 11.6-inch air is only 1.1 kg. And these two functions are basically consistent.

The WIN8 system was very uncomfortable at first, so it didn't feel as good as iOS, but it was a lot more familiar. It's just too little software for Sophie. Win8 's interface, fluency, touch gestures and so on are not as bad as Apple's, and there's something about the fluency that can compete with the ipad.


1, the shape is very cool, at least not worse than the ipad.

2, office is really a surprise, I copied word, Excel, PPT in, especially the PP is a more complex with a large graphic diagram of the file, the perfect open, and the computer with the same touch.

3, touch gestures are very rich, learning gestures spent half a day, now only calculate basic will use.

4, from the Business office point of view, a USB interface on the end of the ipad, I put all the USB devices are taken out to try, all support, it seems that we are really silly Apple.

5, keyboard typing I feel good, take over I basically adapt to, no online said to adapt to several days.



1, the biggest disadvantage, software! Microsoft that store software is poor, its own commonly used software is not basic. It says that Microsoft will be able to enrich the software as soon as possible, but it is still not visible. Not only the software is few, the software interface and the use function is also very poor, this and Apple gap is too big. For example, everyone said to do a better Sohu video, I also used is not accustomed to find a film is very troublesome. Moreover, I am accustomed to downloading the cache offline viewing, want to set the cache to the card, but look for it can not find the option, the estimate is not.

Stores are often unable to log in.

Seriously, Sophie is just a semi-finished product now.

2, last night copied documents, photos (JPG), Video (MPG), mp3 in, the results are:

The document is used perfectly!

Photos can be displayed, but sad to be unable to page, that is, to see the next photo to return all the photo thumbnails, and then click on the photos to see.

Video cannot be played, not supported, and now there is no third party player

MP3 can put, but also the same as the photo problem, only one, to put down a song, need to return to the interface

In addition to office, the other is very sad reminders.

3, the charger is a bit bigger than the ipad.


From the current situation, the basic ability to replace the notebook, but not replace the ipad

Then give surface a little bit of use data, where to think where to write:

1, 32G version to get the hard disk free 17g,64g version to hand hard disk free 46G

2, the current video only support MP4 and AVI, the rest of the format is not supported, there is no good third-party software, but with the next step of software development, the expected storm such a third-party player software can immediately come out.

3, the library after several attempts can not be set to the card, can only be set in the machine memory. In other words, video, photos, music on the card after the machine library is not called out. This also needs to wait for third party management software.

4, the application store most of the time is not to go, yesterday surface Baidu posted in a wailing voice, do not know is not the cause of the United States hurricane.

5, last night back home and use the ipad, in addition to typing is really troublesome, feel that other than surface better. Oh

6, gestures are very rich, suggest a good study, can solve a lot of problems

Add some practical experience:

1, these days the application store is very strong, fast.

2, the support of the skydrive too good, I used to use Jinshan fast, in the surface after the SkyDrive immediately after the Jinshan unloading, especially is the perfect support Office, can be modified online, and automatically uploaded after the change.

3, a few new games are still good, a little meaning.

4, Zip can be decompressed, RAR temporarily unable to decompress, to wait for Third-party software.

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